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Company Analysis: The North Face

No description

Jack McGuire

on 5 November 2013

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Transcript of Company Analysis: The North Face

Company Analysis
The North Face is expanding internationally
Creating jobs in new stores across the U.S. and overseas
Employees of The North Face research and develop their products with world-class athletes
Once they design their products, they have athletes test them out in expeditions to see how new products perform in the outdoors
Founded in 1966 by Doug and Susie Tompkins

Expansion & Development
Started out as a specialized ski and camping gear retail store in San Francisco, California
"Never Stop Exploring"

SWOT Analysis
Well Known Brand Name
International Business
Subsidary of V. F. Corp
Many corporate and philanthropic partners
Loyalty Program
The name "The North Face"comes from the colder, more dangerous side of a mountain.

After a short period of selling retail goods, The North Face started developing their own products in 1968.
Targets the higher level and more experienced outdoors men and women
Medium to High prices ($$-$$$)
By 1976, The North Face went from making products in the back of their store to owning their own factory and developing progressive products in The North Face Quality Control Lab.
As a team we recommend investing in the North Face
They are expanding globally, broadening their fan base, and creating jobs
Expansion into other sports and clothing industries
Sales in countries not yet infiltrated
Target broader range of Consumers
- The North Face (VF Corp.) is a good investment because clothes are something that people all over the world need.
The North Face found strength in the field of product development. They continue to make products for emerging markets, such as snowboarding, and to improve existing products.
- Corporation owns well known companies such as: Nautica, North Face, Timberland, and Wrangler.

- The North Face experienced large growth internationally in the 2nd Quarter of 2013. (see bib #1)
Off Brand and/or generics
Other big name sports brand expanding into industry
International Business suffering from a difference in cultural clothing
Economic Climate
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