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No description

Magdy Aloxory

on 12 August 2013

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Transcript of Ideate

The job offers him a personal car.
Selected Ideas:
How might we ...
encourage him to get a job away from his home & family?
Offer him house so he can bring his family to live with him.
A big enticed salary per week.
The job bring him a laptop with internet access to contact with his family
The job bear the expenses of his phone calls.
Encourage him by promise that after a period of time (3 months at least) they will move him to place near to his home.
If he has already his own car, the job bear the expenses of the fuel.
Offer enough permissible holidays with salary on so he can visit them and spend enough time with them every week.
Free apartment & free 3 meals per day, so it wouldn't be a problem if he can't cook.
Make him share with some friends in work the same apartment to don't get bored of being alone. (only if it's his intent)
Offer a bus for the staff arrives them to their home and take them to work everyday.
Choose the work site near to an underground metro station.
Make a day called "Family day" weekly.
Make a 5 stars service and bring maids in the apartments that the job offers.
The most practical idea
The most disruptive idea
My favorite idea
Offer a buses for the staff to arrive them to their places and bring them to the work site everyday.
Make a weekly holiday called "Family day", this day beside the other holidays ... so he can go spend it with his family or invite them to come spend it with him at work.
The job offers a personal cars to the employees, so he can go anywhere he want and the distances not being a problem anymore.
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