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Copy of A View From The Bridge.

No description

deb mcinnes

on 11 December 2013

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Transcript of Copy of A View From The Bridge.

A View From The Bridge
By Arthur Miller
The main character in the story is Eddie Carbone, an Italian American longshoreman, who lives with his wife, Beatrice and his orphaned niece, Catherine.

As the play begins, Eddie is protective and kind toward Catherine, although his feelings grow into something more kind and "loveable" His attachment to her is brought into perspective by the arrival from Italy of Beatrice's two cousins, Marco and Rodolpho.
They have entered the country illegally, hoping for a better life in America, and to help build a better life for those they've left behind.

Rodolpho is young, good-looking, blond, and single, and he sings and dances; Catherine instantly falls for him.

Eddie sets about pointing out all of Rodolpho's flaws and persistently complains that Rodolpho is "not right," referring to Rodolpho being homosexual.

When Catherine decides to marry Rodolpho, Eddie becomes desperate and begs his lawyer to help him. However, he is told that the only way the law is able to help him is if he informs the Immigration office of the presence of the two illegal immigrants. He refuses to betray them. However, after he catches Rodolpho making love to Catherine, he immediately calls the Immigration Bureau. His betrayal of the two men causes Eddie to lose the respect of his neighbors, friends, and his family.

In the final scene of the play, Eddie and Marco fight. Marco calls Eddie by his full name. Eddie brandishes a knife and attacks Marco, but the stronger Marco turns the blade onto Eddie, killing him.
Eddie Carbone
work (effort)
self interested (personal love and guilt)
relationship with catherine
sense of possession
Beatrice: "you want something else, Eddie, and you can never have her"
first evidence of his feelings for Catherine.
Eddie's cigar
irrational attitude towards Marco and Rodolpho
relationship with Alfieri
Eddie as a tragic hero.
Tragic Protagonist
Eddie enters the house he gently scolds Catherine for flirting with the boys so blatantly
Eddie thinks she should be more reserved and not "walk so wavy.

Rodolpho entertains everyone with his version of the jazz tune

Rodolpho and Catherine spend a great deal of time together

Eddie becomes jealous of the time he spends with Catherine

Beatrice encourages Catherine to get married to Rodolpho if that is what she wants to do

Eddie challenging marco to lift the chair

Catherine is having sex with rodolpho. As they are leaving the bedroom, Eddie comes home drunk. Eddie violently kisses Catherine, pins Rodolpho to the floor and kisses him

Eddie calls the Immigration Bureau and reports Marco and Rodolpho.

As he is being taken away, Marco spits in Rodolpho's face.

Marco returns to the house for revenge
chage in chapters
Ethnic identity vs. American law (ideas of jutice)
"greek chorus" (comentary and action)
honest view of the facts
Moral and social (commentary) implications
Symbolic bridge
No conlusions
inconsequential in the actions
Talks to the audience
Relation to Arthur Miller (story he c´t change + longhshoreman)
Makes marco promise to not take revenge (did he knew about how would Marco react?
violence as the only way to end this? - greek tragedy- italian side?
End of the play: rationally he knows that what eddie did was wrongbut theres also admiration
on the refusal of Eddie of "settling for half"
concludes with lamentation for Eddie eventough in the course he remains silent about his sorrow.
"Now we are quite civilized, quite American. Now we settle for half, and I like it better" Alfieri settle for half: Violence to law (Al Capone: influntial street gang) this breaks with the fight of marco and rodolpho Italy.

"You have no recourse in the law" Alfieri to Eddie Faithful- Catherine's Relationship

"I can tell a block away when he's blue in his mind and just wants to talk to somebody quiet and nice" Catherine to Rodolpho- "quiet and nice" is who she wants to be.

"I never meant to do nothing bad to you" Catherine to Eddie-- she still cares about him eventhough he betrayed Marco and Rodolpho.

"All the law is not in a book" Marco to Alfieri (Eddie's death)
Seventeen years old
at the begining she gets a job as a stenographer
has Eddie as her father figure- hard to stand up to him
when she starts her affair with Rodolpho
Drastic change in th course of the play. (lacking complexity, weak she takes sides and decides to live the life that she wants.)
Marries Rodolpho finds the guts to tell Eddie. forced kiss.
"dirty rat"
Tries to reconcile. "Goodness"
Blond Italian
sings, dances..
unknown motivations (love for Catherine(no passion - sexuality))
Immigrant- work and citizenship (marriage)
Does not take revenge on Eddie
When Catherine asks about citizenship/marriage- not sincere.
Conflicts instead of full person--- roll
He gets arrested by Immigration.
Ends by apologizing to Eddie?
We know facts through Eddie
wife of Eddie
aunt of Catherine (raised her)
Caring (comparation to Eddie-- more reasonable)
Little development
Mature and clear in her matters
Realises Eddies feelings
More friend-like relationship with Eddie
Devoted to his family
feels responsibility towards Rodolpho
sense of comunity
Immigration to send money to his family
Why did he left his family?--- Irony
One son Dying of tuberculosis
Different ideas of political correctness (Louis)
Peacemaker (tension between Rodolpho and Eddie)
asks Rodolpho to respect Eddies wishes
DRASTIC CHANGE when Eddie betrayes them and calls on immigration (concequences on his family)-- betrayes itlian values.
If he doesent take revenge--- loose his own values
High heels
Brooklyn Bridge
passage to womanhood
attention from men
Eddie's disapproval (she keeps putting them on)
power over men
high heels- Eddie (leave the house)
Pathway of opportunity to Manhattan
American- Italian cultures
Alfieri (narration from te present to the past)
comunity as a whole
Miller and Eddie
Stage of Miller's life is represented

Miller always stayed truthful to his peers

Like Eddie, Miller goes against what society established

Miller creates a community that accepted and protected unlawful people

In this play Miller criticizes those which "named names" of inocent artists.
Law and Justice
Conflict between American Law and the community

the community protects each other.

Eddie turns his back to the community, betrayes Rodolpho and Marco

Community rejects him

Marco is finally victorious, repesenting the community
Eddie through out the play says Rodolpho is Homosexual.

Characteristics which describe Rodolpho as being Homosexual.

Rodolpho being the stereotype of a homosexual person.

Tests to prove Catherine Rodolpho's masculinity.

Eddie wants to make legal acts against Rodolpho.
Powerfull context in the play.

Specific norms and rules for every family.

Cultural and moral difference between Italy and USA.

The community is present in every scene, act as witnesses.

The community control everything around.

Immigration Bureau > disloyal
American Dream
Citizens of Sicily immigrate to USA for a new opportunity.
Marco arrives USA though he has a family in Sicily.
Need to be American to live comfortable.
Men and Masculinity
Male figure dominates the entire play.

Stereotype of men.

Homosexuality: singing, dancing, sewing, cooking.

masculinity: longshoremen-> big, strong, hard working.
Rodolpho: "I want to be an American so I can work, this the only wonder here - work!"

Rodolpho: "I want go back to Italy when I am rich, and I will buy a motorcycle."
Marco: "The law? All the law is not in a book."

Alfieri: "Now we settle for half, and I like it better. I no longer keep a pistol in my filing cabinet."
Eddie main supporter of Helping Marco and Rodolpho, at the endhe calls the immigration bureau

There is mention of American Law through Alfieri but unjustice for Rodolpho and Marco
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