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The Journey from Middle School to High School

8th grade to HS Transition Parent Presentation

Lacy Pennington

on 29 April 2014

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Transcript of The Journey from Middle School to High School

GPA= Grade Point Average
What questions
do you have?
February 27, 2014
Why are Grades Important?
Important things to know!
DHS Graduation Requirements
Thank You!
Math Requirements
**Students need 3 credits of Math to graduate which include: Algebra I, Algebra II & Geometry**

3 Units of Mathematics
Algebra I
Algebra II
Other math course options may also available
Welcome & Introductions




Oklahoma City Public Schools Website
Get Involved!
Build your resume!
Make relationships!
Cross Country
Track & Field
Fast-Pitch Softball
What is an Academy?
What is the benefit?
Is an Academy right for my child?
How can I apply?
Oklahoma's Promise will pay tuition at an Oklahoma public two-year college or four-year university

Covers a portion of tuition at an Oklahoma accredited private college or selected courses offered at a public technology center

Scholarship does not cover items such as books, supplies, room and board, or any other special fees
Other good strategies
for paying for college...
Starting a college savings plan
Asking your counselor for help searching for scholarships
Starting EARLY!
A day in the life of an NWC high school student...
School Hours: 7:35am - 2:25pm
7 Timeblocks 2 Lunches

Upcoming Events:
*MYOB Parent Night, Tuesday, March 4, 6-8pm @ NWC
*Summer College Forums
*Freshmen Orientation, Friday, August 1, 8am-12pm

GEAR UP for the PROMISE is here to help!

The K20 Center connects the University of Oklahoma with over 500 schools and industry partners to cultivate improvements in learning at all levels.
Link Crew
Student Council
Future Educators Association
Int'l Multicultural Club
National Honors Society
Scholarship Applications
Our Goals:
Increase percentage of cohort students who are academically prepared for college upon graduation from participating schools

Increase high school graduation rate and college enrollment rates of participating schools

Increase participating students and their families’ knowledge of college education options, preparation, and financing
Parents play a vital role in their child’s success. Research shows parents are the most significant influence in students' decisions to continue their education and attend college or other post-high school training.

Different ways GEAR UP helps parent stay involved:

Parent Events
Campus Visits
College Forums
Parent Leadership Academy
Taft Middle School:
The Journey from Middle School to High School

Northwest Classen HS
Student must be an Oklahoma resident

Family must earn no more than $50,000 at time of application

You must apply in 8th, 9th, or 10th grade

Student must complete 17 units of college prep courses in high school

Student must maintain a 2.5 GPA in those 17 units as well as an overall GPA of 2.5

Student must be a US citizen or be a documented immigrant upon entering college

Family must earn no more than $100,000 when student enters college

English 4 units
Social Studies 3 units
Mathematics 3 units
Science 3 units
Fine Arts 2 units
Foreign Language 1 units (2 Oklahoma's Promise)
Technology Education 1 unit (2 Oklahoma's Promise)
Wellness/Physical Education 1 unit
Electives 4 units
Must pass 4 of 7 EOI Exams
(Required Algebra I, English II)
Art Ceramics
Pottery PE
Piano Concert Band
Dance Leadership
Welding Construction
Spanish Sports
Computer Graphic Design

Link Crew is a student mentoring Program where Juniors and Seniors have a specific small group of freshmen to look out for all year. The Link Crew program's sole purpose is to help freshmen feel comfortable as well as help them achieve success in their first year of high school.
Link Crew
Link Crew

Freshmen who get involved with Link Crew have significantly lower drop-out rates than average, their attendance is much higher, and bullying is diminished substantially. There are many opportunities throughout the year to get involved with school activities through Link Crew. The first opportunity will be FRESHMEN ORIENTATION, which will be held FRIDAY, AUGUST 1, from 8am-12pm at NWC!
Some benefits of going
to college...

*Having a career that you truly enjoy

*Having the opportunity to make more money

*Living a longer and healthier life

*Helping out your family
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