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What is art and what it is used for.

Luis Martinez

on 13 May 2011

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Transcript of Art

ART Art has been arround ever since humans exist as a species. Art is found even in the most remote places, and it's thanks to it that we know so much of how people lived before inventing writing. Populary, art is mostly used for entertainment in things
such as movies, comics, animations, videogames and more
rarely, on art shows. Some artists sure
do crazy things
sometimes. Art is a risky carreer because if the world's economy
crashed, artists would be the first ones to starve... Isn't it funny how most of us really don't
even care about that risk? >:D Rennaissance for ever changed the way
in which art was created, and it began during
the 1400's at Europe. The painting known as "Mona Lisa" is the most famous example
of Rennaissance art. It was painted by Leonardo DaVinci. So what? How does art take part in ours daily lives?
You may ask. Let these images answer that question: "I'm too old for cartoons"? Sure, then see
this other thing... Come on, everyone loves videogames and you know it!
Even more when it's Call of Duty! Then how about Resident Evil? Nope? Then I know what kind of person you must be,
and still there is art for you too... Keep denying art at this point and you're not human :) Although usually people don't give too much importance to it,
everyone should know that it is partly thanks to art that we are
different to the rest of living beings in the world. We see art everywhere
in society... Here! The statue is also known as art. In conclusion, even if you don't notice,
art plays a big role in your life and this is
why they teach you about it in school. Yeah, you're learning this now...
in school! XD Now watch this video, let me show you how you
don't need technology to be remembered for ever... Finished, you liked it or what, huh?
Farewell! :)
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