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gs students

on 15 November 2016

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Transcript of Turkey

Turkey fun facts
Turkey has an underground railway that is the second oldest in the world! That very railway began construction in 1875. The first man-built church still stands in Turkey today!
All About Turkey!
Turkey is A fascinating country located in Asia. The capital of Turkey is Ankara. Turkey's agriculture products include tobacco, cotton, grain, and olives. So far, I think Turkey is a fascinating country! I will want to visit Turkey one day. Will you?
Turkey Climate and Size
Some more fun facts!
The oldest tin mine was found 60 miles south of Turkey. An old Turkish quote says ," A stranger at ones door is God's guest for at least 3 days.
In general, Turkey is an awesome country to learn about! This country is filled with all sorts of traditions, mysteries, and much much more. I love learning about this country and I hope I get to learn about it more in the future
Turkey's Size
Its size in square miles is a whopping 301,381 miles. That is a tiny b bigger than Texas! The population of this country is enormous amount of 72, 907, 000 people!
By: Jenna 6L
Turkey's climate includes hot, dry summers and wet winters. The life expectancy is 69 years and the religion is Muslim.
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