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Indianas choice on presidential election 2012

A contribution to the U.S. election school-project in order to decide pre electionial whether Obama or Romney will get Indianas Representatives. We're still working, so please don't judge yet.

Luke Neldowski

on 17 October 2012

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Transcript of Indianas choice on presidential election 2012

Indiana needs to choose. Two different candidates, two different ways to go. Democrats Republicans one three two "An American Century" VS "Change" Lets take a closer look here is a small list of facts:
Area: 36,417 sq. mi.
Population: 6,483,802
11 Electors (through electoral college)
Indiana has always been close to USA's general political trend Economy Foreign
Policy Immigration Important Very Important Less Important Health care trade with China
independence from other countries
no more taxes
focus on fossil fuels consumer market
Health care = Private issues for every citizen
children covered by parents insurance secure the world by keeping the US secure
stop terrorists
keep troupes in foreign countries just high skilled workers
longer visas
temporary workers
enhance border security
optimize immigration system Importance for Indiana: Immigration Economy Health care . Foreign
Policy more stable jobs
more taxes on rich people
hard work makes a good living
support for the middle class everybody should have an insurance
Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act
children should be covered in their parents insurance keep world secure by keeping other countries secure
stop terrorism
stop fights US troupes are involved in
enhance immigration system secure borders
stop punishing innocent young people brought over by there families
immigrants have to become registered, learn English, and find a work place How will Indiana choose? Importance for Indiana What facts are really important to Indiana? Economy Social Other Foreign Policy Religion jobs fuels support of middle class Insurance Welfare Attitude many people are unemployed
a lot of manufacturing
cars, etc
farming Pro Obama Democrats mostly usage of fossil fuels
coal, natural gas, oil (import)
almost no renewable fuels
no solar or nuclear reactors
development of wind craft Romney Obama Pro Romney higher taxes on rich people
support of small businesses and independent farmers
60% of people blame bankers, big corporations and the congress for economy crisis
only 34% blame Obama's administration mainly working class population
no insurance at all or just private insurance
insurance important for workers but too expensive Contra Romney Pro Obama 8.2% unemployment (July 2012)
260.000 people without labor, decreasing trend
need of welfare for people to live 2 pro gay marriage Obama Romney contra gay marriage family life is important family life is important conservative view liberal/social Pro Romney less important because no foreign borders
stop terrorism
better immigration system so immigrants can financially support themselves and contribute to society Pro Obama Obama Romney Mormon "Black-Church"
African christian church abortion
choice is by women themselves abortion
mainly contra abortion mostly christian, but less support of Mormon faith
people want to have their own choice when it comes to abortion Indiana What people in Indiana really think: Our survey showed that people in Indiana mostly support Mitt Romney. The trend is showing that people are really disappointed in Obama because of most of the changes he brought during his presidential term. The way he presents himself in the actual election campaign is unimpressive in comparison to Mitt Romney.However, we think even if most of the social and environmental facts are showing support of Barack Obama, Mitt Romney is going to win the 11 electors of Indiana in the 2012 presidential election of the USA.
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