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laura dowdy

on 12 May 2015

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Transcript of Softball

By: Maisie L. Davenport
Sliding may be the funnest part of a game. You can slide when you come to home base if you have to!

There are three things that can happen during a game. Balls, strikes, and Outs.
Softball is a really good sport. Its one of my favorite sports. I'm telling you about it today.
Pitching up a Fit
Pitching for softball is way different than for baseball.
Gear up
When you play softball you should probably wear a helmet and a glove.
When you practice you're doing a lot of running. Also doing a lot of moving your arms.
Just Sliding
This is the catchers gear.
This is a softball
This is a bat
A line drive can be one of the most hurtful batting accidents to a face.
Watch what happens.
How games works
Balls are when a pitches bad.
Strikes are when a batter swings and misses the ball.
When you get a out its when the ball
gets to base before a player gets
to the base.
Any Questions?
For batting you bend your knees and put the bat on your shoulder.
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