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Peak Book Report

book report

Matthew Carl

on 7 December 2012

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Transcript of Peak Book Report

Written by Roland Smith. There are three themes
in the novel Peak. This novel made me feel like nothing is impossible
if you try, try and keep on trying. Peak Everest Theme Character, Plot, Setting PEAK CONCLUSION "It's stuck, my cheek is stuck to a sky scrapper!" My Novel Peak has very adventurous and risk taking characters. Peak Marcello: the main character Josh: Peak's original Father Josh is also the greatest climber to ever live. Sun-Jo: Peak's climbing companion Sun-Jo is Peak's friend and companion to get to the top of Mt. Everest Zopa: a Sherpa Peak is an adventurous and mischievous 14 year old boy with a passion to climb. Peak has the most divine
setting you will ever read. There is, Mount Everest, Tibet Kathmandu, Nepal New York, Manhattan Peak has the most thrilling plot! Zopa, is a very wise Sherpa who has climbed Everest many times and it his job to help Peak and Sun-Jo climb to the top of Everest. Mount Everest is the tallest mountain in the world.
Many people have made it to the top, but it some people are unlucky and don't make it back. It is either you conquer the mountain or, the mountain conquers you. When 14 year old Peak is forced to choose his fate
after being arrested for climbing a tall building. He must choose between 3 years in Juvenile Detention Center or climbing Mount Everest. If Peak makes the summit before his 15th birthday he will receive fame and glory for being the youngest person to stand above 29,000 feet. Theme 1: If you keep trying and never give up you will go where you want to go. Peak is hanging on for dear life. "I knew the longer I waited, the more fatigued my arms would become. I had to move now! I flipped my back around smashing my face into the wall, then drove the front spikes of my crampons into the hard wall. One of them stuck and I was able to relieve the stress from my arms." (Smith pg. 224). " I'm slipping I am going to fall!" Theme 2: Teamwork When Sun-Jo is climbing an ice wall and his
axe breaks, Zopa is too far behind and it is
up to Peak to save him. "I'm slipping, said Sun-Jo!" "I will be there in a minute, I shouted!" I swallowed my heart and crabbed my way back to Sun-Jo. When I got directly above him, I quickly hooked the rope into an ice screw, I knew was secure. I repelled down to get him, getting the rope hooked on his harness just as his ax slipped from the ice. I got him I shouted!" (Smith pg. 202). Theme 3: You are never too young to make a difference. The rule is you have to be at least
16 to climb Mt. Everest. "If we get you up there before your 15th birthday, you will be the youngest person to stand above 29,000 feet". (Smith pg. 94) I think Smith's purpose on writing Peak, was to
motivate young girls and boys to follow their dreams
and keep on trying to reach their goals. I rate this book 8/10 because
of the amazing plot and the
adventurous and ambitious
characters. I recommend this book to:
the adventurous and non-adventurous;
girls and boys;
young or old; because,
you can conquer your own mountain if you try. Will Peak and Sun-Jo make it to the top of the World's tallest mountain? " We started back up. With each little step Sun-Jo and I gained strength 25 feet, 20 feet, 17 feet, 10…..I stopped."
(Smith.pg, 230) The End!
Thank you for watching.
(dharai dhanyzbad)
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