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about a baritone saxophone

hellal miah

on 4 May 2010

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Transcript of saxophone

saxophone what kinds are there ? well there are
dubble bass barriton the barriton is bigger than the the tennor and alto

it has exta loops and has a deeper sound what has it been played in ? music The Baritone saxophone is used in many styles including Jazz, Ska, Blues, Rock and Big Band but has also been used in concert or classical music since the late 1900s.
the barriton is played alot in music

the military
music companys
and many more
the barrtione saxophone was made in 1841 by a man called Adophe Sax
Examples of the saxophone being used in Big Band music include:
The way you look tonight,

what is it? well the saxophone is an insterment which belongs in the wood wind family it has loops which channles the air to holes to make a sound and when you hold down keys the holes are blocked up and the channle of air is directed to from a different sound/note the barritone is a great insterment to play and has a nice sound born November 6, 1814 ahnd died February 4, 1894 he was german
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