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How to make a frozen TV dinner

A beautiful presentation about how to make frozen TV dinner!

matt k

on 7 February 2014

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Transcript of How to make a frozen TV dinner

How to make a frozen TV dinner
The freezer
First thing go to the freezer....
That's the toilet. What are you doing in the bathroom now? Okay, look it's in the kitchen.
Now open it.... now look for the dinner. Okay see that red box near the fish sticks? Yes, OK, grab it and take it out.
Opening the box and taking it out
Now at the end of the box there is a tab sticking out. Pull it.Now pick the box up and tilt it so the the laws of physics pull the food down.
Taking the plastic off and poking the holes.
Okay listen carefully now. You want to take the plastic off the chicken finger side, and brownie side. You only want to poke holes on the mac and cheese.
What do you mean you never poked holes? Just take the fork.... the fork..... that's a table spoon.... grab the fork all ready.....
OK, I will do it myself.
Okay go to the microwave. It's the box. That's the fridge. You found it?
Now open it.
Setting the time
Taking the plastic off
Okay now carefully take the dinner out so you don't burn yourself.... Put it on the counter.. now take off the plastic.
The rest should come naturally!!!
Now eat it
Is there a button that says TV dinner? No? Okay click the three then two zeros. No not 3:20... Click clear.
Okay press the three.... then zero...zero. Now click start!

By: Mateusz Kutkowski,
Hubert Bienkowski,
Bartlomiej Sniezek

Common sense
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