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Ancient Aliens

No description

sebastian hernandez

on 4 February 2015

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Transcript of Ancient Aliens

Ancient Aliens

The Manna Machine
The course of human civilization has been influenced by extra-terrestrial visitors.
Megalithic Construction
By Sebastian Hernandez
The manna machine was said to produce a form of algae known as manna
It is said Israelite survived on manna for 40 year wandering in the Sinai Desert.
Believed to be powered by a nuclear reactor that was stored in the Ark of Covenant
Hidden in the text of the Jewish Kabbahlah
The manna machine
Megalithic Constructions
The Great Sphinx of Giza
Chichen Itza
Puma Punko
Easter Island
Do you believe human civilization has been visited or influenced by extraterrestrial visitors?
4 said yes
9 said no
Theories of how the Pyramids were built
Theory 1
Usage of giant saws to cut the stone and Alien technology to move them
Giant constructions made out of stone and granite
theorist believe the stone was cut with a giant saw that was positioned were it is believed boats actually were
Modern hydraulics technologies are said to be the only way you can build something of massive size
questioning of why the ancient civilization built with massive materials
idea that tools were given to the Egyptians not done by aliens
Almost everything, constructions, disprove egyptians having simple tools
the pyramids
Ancient Aliens Theory
giant saws
Alternate Interpretation
they pounded the sides of the stone with a diorite pounding stone
later polished with grinders
How did they cut the rock?
is it plausible, credible, or accurate?
Ancient Aliens
all though there is questioning of how they cut the rock there has not been found this presumed giant saw
there information is somewhat credible because the boat pits is were the theorist presume the location of the saws was
it is plausible because there has not been any boats found in the pits backing up the idea of saws being located there
Alternate Interpretation
This theory seem very accurate due to findings of these such pounding stones and grinders
proof can be found on the unfinished obelisk
reasonable this method is found on the obelisk
How did they cut the granite?
Ancient Aliens Theory
It was cut with machinery lend to them from "aliens"
Alternate Interpretation
saws are believed to be used to cut the granite with sand
two-person saws, hand held saws, and a tubular saw
the sand actually did the cutting
much more reasonable and provable than alien technology
Is it plausible, credible or accurate?
Ancient Aliens
no form of machinery has been found
there is some credibility because granite is hard to cut; but not enough to say alines helped
it can be plausible because they think were boats could have was were the saws actually were that they used to cut the granite
Alternate Interpretations
pretty accurate due to findings of these copper saws
saw marks found on the granite sarcophagus
it can happen because today they experiment with this idea and it cuts the granite
Theory 2
A giant ramp helped them get the stone to position with help of the giant saw
Theory 3( coming from Jean Pierre )
internal ramp got the blocks to their position and were cut with copper saws and sand
which theory i think is more suitable?
Theory #3
evidence of a spiral ramp in the period had been found by a french team in 1980, after taking a thermal image of the pyramid
grand gallery could have possibly used to place a wooden counterweight to move the granite blocks up the side of the pyramid, like a freight elevator
Evidence of this theory
explains the Grand Galleries shape
sides of the wall has oil as to lubricate the counterweight machine

Is the theorist information credibly, plausible, or accurate?
disproving there theories has actually been done by many independent people proving their information is not accurate
it could have happened but not likely to have
they do not have any credibility because most of there theories are plain ridicules and unreasonable
How did they move the stone?
Ancient Aliens Theory
some form of levitation device given to to the Egyptians by aliens
Alternate Interpretation
they pulled them with ropes up a ramp
they were put on sleds and pulled by the workers
they some form of wooden system that helped them move them up the pyramid
is it credible, accurate, or plausible?
Ancient Aliens Theory
there is no form of finding of this "levitation device" or anything that does not "fit the puzzle"
theorist may believe this because of the stones size but nothing is impossible
it can be plausible because the stones do show some form of questioning
Alternate Interpretation
the sleds and ropes do show some possibility of the egyptians moving the stones with them
it is believable because there has been a heavier stone moved without and technology
it is highly possible because the egyptians do have hieroglyphics of them using sleds
Is the theorist information credible, plausible, or accurate?
belief of there being a machine seem s very believable
text in the Kabbahlah is very questionable
the theorist prove a point referring to the Kabbahlah making it very believable
it may have happened due to the text and how it affected the Israelite
Details about the manna machine
a machine drew in moisture from the air and later turned it into algae
was powered by a nuclear reactor - was in in the Ark of Covenant
Every seven days the machine had to be taken apart and cleaned
depicted from the Zohar
feed the Israelite during their 40 year wandering in the dessert
my opinion about the manna machine
Is It Real
Possibly it is one of the explanations of how they lived so long
Why i don't believe in it
still questionable due to the fact it is a dessert and there is not much moisture
there is no form of it ever existing but a text that could have been forged
the Ark of Covenant presumed to hold the reactor as not been found
no other Biblical text talks about the machine
Hard to answer questions
Megalithic Constructions
The Manna Machine
Was there a different purpose for all of these constructions?

Where can you locate this machine?
Is there really someone or something out there helping out the humans?
At the end I came into conclusion that the most of the theories given by the theorist is not precise or reasonable. I did come to a conclusion that there theory of building the Megalithic Constructions is not accurate or credible. When it came to the Manna Machine i was undecided because there was a lot to put in mind.
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