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Angela Altazan

on 15 April 2014

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Transcript of MYA & BREANNA

Wilma Rudolph , Bethany Hamiliton , and Jesse Owens
Wilma developed pneumonia as a child and was disabled.
Bethany Hamilton lost her arm to a shark and she still surfs
Jesse Owens was frail as a child but had to be a strong runner.
Michael Oher , Tom Dempsey , and Simon Keith
Michael Oher didn't make good grades in school and still made the football team
tom Dempsey was born without toes and could still kick a football.
Simon Keith had a heart transplant and still plays football.
Micheal Oher
Bethany Hamiliton
" As a result, Michael Oher was in and out of foster homes and frequently homeless."

His mom was addicted to crack so he had to leave
His father was frequently in prison and went to a foster home
His father was murdered.
He didn't have a good and loving family.
Bethany Hamilton was a source of inspiration
at the age of 13 Bethany was attacked by a 14-foot tiger shark and still surfs
she's a pro sufer
got first place in explorer women's division
she story has been told in hundred of media outlets
Michael oher
Bethany Hamiliton
was in foster homes
was sometimes homeless
he recorded his first winning record
"the blind side" was a movie made about him
both had movies made about them and books
the are both a pro
both do a good sport
they both won tons of championships
had her arm bite off by a shark
she had faith in jesus christ
she married at 23
her dream was to become a pro surfer and now she is
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