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US History Timeline

No description

Haiha Nguyen

on 5 September 2017

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Transcript of US History Timeline

18th century
19th century
17th century
20th century
US History: Timeline
The colonial era
1607: first successful
colony founded at Jamestown, Virginia
1620: Plymouth colony (Massachusetts now) founded by the Puritans
1636: the colony of Rhode Island founded by Roger William
1733: English settlers had founded 13 colonies
1763: Seven Years' War between England and France ended, leaving England control of Canada and eastern North America
1773: Boston Tea Party
1775: Revolutionary War broke out
1776: the Continental Congress adopted a Declaration of Independence.
1783: the Treaty of Paris, by which England recognized American independence.
Slavery & Civil War
1820: North & South debated - slavery legal in western territories?
1860: Abraham Lincoln, a foe of slavery - 16th US president. 11 states left the Union & declared independence.
1860-1865: Civil War (the Union vs. the Confederate States)
slavery ended
the country was NOT a collection of semi-independent states BUT an indivisible whole
1865: Abraham Lincoln was assassinated
World War I
1914-1918: World War I
1917: U.S. enters World War I, declaring war on Germany Austria-Hungary
1919: Treaty of Versaille --> League of Nations (--> United Nations later), US did not participate, withdrew from European affairs, became hostile to foreigners
1919: a series of terrorist bombings produced the "Red Scare.“

The War Against Terrorism

2001: Terrorist attack on the World Trade Center (New York City) and the Pentagon (Washington, D.C.). Economy recession began.

21st century
1803: Louisiana Territory purchased from France, almost doubling the size of the United States
1848: US won Mexican War, extended the western border to the Pacific Ocean.
1867: Alaska purchased from Russia.
1898: US vs. Spain, gained Cuba, the Philippines, Puerto Rico, and Guam
1959: Hawaii became the 50th state
1886: After Civil War, industrial development
-> economic growth
-> labour & immigration. American Federation of Labor formed.
Territorial Evolution
The age of Prohibition: alcoholic beverage sale outlawed
The Roaring Twenties: jazz and silent movies
Golden years for big business: consumer society, booming markets for radios, home appliances, synthetic textiles, and plastics

The Great Depression
1929: Stock market crashed
1933: Franklin Roosevelt - 32nd US president - introduced the New Deal
a series of economic and social reforms
economy improved, fully recovered only before WWII

World War II
Cold War
US vs. Soviet Union
1948: Soviets began blockade of Berlin, U.S. and Great Britain began airlift of food and fuel to West Berlin.
1949, Soviets ended blockade, North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) formed, US joined
1950-1953: (Soviets->) North Korea vs. South Korea (<-US)
1962: US and Soviets narrowly avoided war during the Cuban Missile Crisis
1961: Soviets sent the first man into the space
1969: US had the first man to walk on the Moon

Vietnam War
1965-1973: US forces fought in the Vietnam War to check communism on all fronts but sparked widespread protests in the US
Lyndon Johnson sent American forces
Richard Nixon pursued Vietnamization
1973: Nixon caught in the Watergate Scandal--> resigned. Vietnam & US signed a cease-fire agreement in Paris. US troops left Vietnam.

1991: Soviet Union dissolved. Cold War ended.
1980: Republican Ronald Reagan was elected, breaking 26 years of consecutive Democratic control
1983: US economy entered one of the longest periods of sustained growth since WWII until mid-1990s

1939: World War II broke out
1941: Japan bombing Pearl Harbor naval base in Hawaii brought the US to the war (vs. Japan -> Germany & Italy)
Germany surrendered
U.S. drops atomic bomb on Hiroshima and Nagasaki -> Japan surrendered

The War Against Terrorism

2001: U.S. and Britain launched air attacks against targets in Afghanistan after Taliban government fails to hand over Osama bin Laden, the suspected mastermind behind the Sept. 11 attack.
2003: U.S. and Britain waged war against Iraq, claiming that Iraq was not cooperating with UN weapons inspectors.
2013: Multiple bombs exploded near the finish line of the Boston Marathon.
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