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Book Report

No description

Paola Fung

on 7 October 2014

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Transcript of Book Report

Book Report
The story takes place in London a little after WWII. More specifically, most of the story takes place in the Leonides´ house that is located in Swinly Dean (well-known outer suburb in London).
Conflict & Resolution
The name of the book I read is Crooked House.
This is a picture of the front page.
The story is written in 1st person and Charles is the narrator. I know this because I know what he´s thinking, I know how he´s feeling, and when he has dialoge the author uses words such as: I, and me.

An excuse, especially to avoid blame.
She had an
, so she couldn´t be blamed.

With great care or caution; warily.
picked the broken glass pieces.
To act beforehand with or get ahead of; anticipate.
He won because he
my moves.

A seat for two or more people, having a back and usually arms, and often upholstered.
The two of them sat on the
to talk.

Trademark a tape recorder designed for recording dictation and later reproducing it for typing.
There was a
in the detective´s office.
Plot Events
Charles finds out about the murder of Aristide Leonides. He goes to the Leonides´s house and is introduced to all the members of the family while he tries to find the murderer.
Rising Action:
Charles goes frequently to the Leonides´s house to try to find clues about the culprit but he finds out nothing. One day Edith takes Josephine out to eat ice cream but after several hours the haven´t come back.
Taverner comes and tells the family that Edith and Josephine were found dead. Then, Sophia remembers that Edith left some notes before going out. Charles reads the notes that are about Josephine being the murderer and Edith confesses that she didn´t want Josephine to suffer so she decided to commit suicide with her.
Falling Action:
Charles realizes how dumb he was for not knowing it was Josephine all this time and checks all the entries in Josephine´s little notebook that came in the same envelope as the notes Edith left.

Charles asks Sophia if he can marry her now (she says yes) and he takes her to Persia, where he is appointed to, for her to forget the little Crooked House.
The main character of this book is Charles Hayward. In my opinion he´s caring, friendly, and a good listener. He has clear eyes, he´s an Englishman, and is he in his 20´s.
I couldn´t find any example of irony in this book.
main conflict
is that Aristide Leonides is murdered and Charles has to find the culprit.
There are other internal and external conflicts too for example:
Sophia can´t have peace of mind to marry Charles until the murderer is found.
Charles debates in what position he is when he arrives at the Leonides´ household for the first time.
The author of this book is Agatha Christe.
This book was published August 19th of 2002 by Minotaur Books (first publised 1949).
This book is in paperback and it has 276 pages.
Personal Info.
I think this is a good mystery book. I liked it because the plot has many twists, it has lots of suspence, and the resolution was incredible.
The genre of this book is murder mystery. I know this because a murder is committed in the story, nobody knows who the murderer is, and at the end the murderer is found.
Paola Fung
Due: October 6th to 10th
Quarter 1, Semester 1
Subject: Literature
Mr. Valverde
International Christian School
Thank you!
Other Characters:
Aristide Leonides
: He was killed.
Sophia Leonides
: She is the dauther of Magda and Phillip.
Brenda Leonides
: She´s widow and second wife of Aristide Leonides.
Magda West
: She is a stage actress and Phillip´s wife.
Edith de Haviland
: She is the sister-in-law of Aristide Leonides.
Roger Leonides
: He´s the son of Aristide Leonides.
Clemency Leonides
: She´s Roger´s wife and a scientist.
Phillip Leonides
: He is Roger´s brother.
Lawrence Brown
: He´s a teacher to Josephine and Eustace.
Josephine Leonides
: She is Sophia´s younger sister.
Eustace Leonides
: He´s Josephine´s and Sophia´s brother.
Janet Rowe
: She is the Leonides family´s nanny.
Chief Inspector Taverner
: He´s a Scotland Yard Inspector.
- ´´
The Old Man
´´: He´s the Assistant Commissioner of Scotland Yard and Charles´s father.
The theme of this book is that one´s inmaturity can lead to bad choices. I realized this when the book stated that the cause for Josephine to kill his grandfather was because he wouldn´t let her take ballet classes.
The mood is sad and suspenful. The story has a serious atmosphere.
Josephine is knocked out.
The family´s nannie is poisoned.
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