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Healthy Dating

No description

adrienne biles

on 3 October 2012

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Transcript of Healthy Dating

Healthy Dating Communication: Key to a relationship is communication. 1. Self-disclosure
2. Listening (warmth, empathy, respect,
genuineness, nonjudgmental,
not trying to control, etc)
3. Feedback (positive and appropiate response
& self-disclosing in response.) 65% of communication is: Nonverbal Lets
Discuss Dating... Activity Questions: 1. Who should initiate a date?
2. Is communication important? Why?
3. What is a must quality to have in your partner/relationship?
4. What behaviors on a date might make you feel uncomfortable? Why? Principles of
Healthy Dating 1st: Must accept and feel good about ourselves.

A healthy relationship should result in a heightened sense of
self-worth for both partners.

You should not feel less due to being in a relationship. Communication: Need to be able to communicate needs and
wants clearly

Need to share & listen both ways

Need to handle issues with proper communication

(Not with physical violence, emotional abuse,
verbal abuse, control, criticism)

Listen, negotiate, compromise. Honesty & Openness Be yourself from the start of the relationship

Person you are dating should allow you to be YOU

Have similar beliefs, interests, lifestyles

Self-disclosure & openness deepens healthy relationships R-e-s-p-e-c-t! Respect each other's individuality
Work together to solve differences without demeaning
or insulting each other
Follow "Honesty is the best policy"
Listen and value each other
Genuine care Healthy Dating Qualities: Companionship
Spend time together/similar interests
Share joys and stuggles together
Show care
Concern for each other's well-being
Realistic expectations
Concern for feelings, not competitive
No jealousy issues Unhealthy
Relationship Poor or inappropriate communication
Lack of respect
Makes one feel less & lower self-esteem
Violence or seeking control
Shallow, lacks openness
Opposite lifestyles
Lack commitment, care, trust, interest Anaylze video clips
of relationships: Create: Create a poster/ad

Describe: The qualities desired in a person and the type of healthy relationship you want.

Some qualities may be broad and some should be more specific. May also include
hobbies and interests. Use website: www.glogster.com
or: paper and markers EX: http://adrobreezy.glogster.com/dating/ http://blabberize.com/view/id/605108 Dating Violence: A threat or act of violence against one member of a dating
relationship by the other member. This includes: Acts of sexual violence, physical abuse, and verbal or
emotional abuse. Dating violence can happen to teens and
it can happen to teens of both genders. Effects of a violent relationship: May suffer from low self-esteem
May become involved with alcohol and drugs
May engage in risky sexual behaviors What good or bad qualities did you see?
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