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All About Ethan

No description

Ethan Riede

on 24 January 2013

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Transcript of All About Ethan

All About Ethan My Family My Friends I have four sisters and no brothers. I live with two. But only one of my sisters are full blood. I live with my mom and step dad. They got married in 2006. During my lifetime i have had four pets. My first pets name was Patches. He was a dalmatian. He died in 2004. My second pet was Izzy. She was a German Shepherd. She died last year. Currently I have 2 dogs one is Kyra who is also a German Shepherd and the other is Ike who is a Jack Russell. Pets Currently I play basketball. I did play football from 2006-2010 but I gave it up for full time basketball. Also I will play baseball this year. Sports I Play My main interest is basketball. But I also love to watch movies and baseball. My Interests I have a lot of great friends that are really nice and like to have fun. The Most Exciting thing In Info Tech I think the most exciting thing in info tech will be working with computers and learning how they work.
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