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Prezi tips and tricks

A flip-through guide to show you how to create good prezi.

Davis Apas

on 29 April 2013

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Transcript of Prezi tips and tricks

A flip-through guide to show you how to create good prezi! Prezi Tips & Tricks press the arrow below or right cursor key A GOOD START 1. some ideas throw in why zooming? what else to mention? Show Scale! Use a path, but pan away live Use images How to show time 2. the MAJOR ideas SCALE UP minimize minor ideas 3. cluster into topics Something like... Meaningful overview Your PREZI should make sense from a distance Your Audience will love that they have an overview too! What's coming, what we've talked about.... In practice. this means that you need to scale up section titles, so they can be read from a distance.
Also, think of arranging all these into a meaningful form! And return to the overview in your Path a lot
(which is simply a large frame) FOCUS!!! If you leave enough empty space around a text, or image, PREZI can focus on it easily.

For a moment of silence in your talk..... To hide a detail, or create surprise: make it tiny ARRANGE PLAYFULLY s m l xl Candide Dr House Use scale to show relations
Use rotation to give an emotional touch
Use layout to talk about group relations A Free Path Add a path to your PREZI to
create the main narrative.
Helps alot when on stage!
Use a remote presenter! But you can derial any time,zoom out
show something related, respond to a
comment-and return to your path by
simply clicking next! or click on another path
element to continue
from there Ready? Giving the talk? Download your PREZI and use the
offline player to be rock solid, not network dependent. The offline player
also supports keyboard shortcuts in fullscreen mode! Or if you want to add comments
live, show your typing skills live,
open links from PREZI, be brave,
press m to hide the menu and let
them all be amazed! TIPS & TRICKS
FOR GOOD PREZI so my title will be: How to tell
your ideas
with zoom!!! And the tricks...... Images offers great narratives Lists? Yeah we do have
bullet points So you can make
Endless lists
Of important points
That look alike
And are smaller than the title
And so on.....
You know what we mean... Ok-the real reason for bullet points in PREZI is that we can make fun of them, or you can make fun of the other presenters at that conference. Talk about time? create a timeline and zoom into segments, and details. ............2................3..................4...................5............... English class Computer class P.E. add footnotes* ? * footnotes are not needed! Just place comments and references inline- it really helps that your eyes don,t need to jump around Complex Graphics Use a dedicated editing program like Adobe Flash, Illustrator, Inkspace, etc. export as PDF or SWF, and upload to PREZI-then just add frames to create a path or clickable focus regions. You have something to add? come over to
...and please comment! We'll add your ideas here...
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