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Eric Anderson

on 1 April 2017

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Transcript of Sculpture

What is Sculpture ?

How is Sculpture Made?

What are some Major Artistic Sculptures to know and Understand?

Why learn this media?

Examining the following images what conclusions and definitions can be made for sculpture?
Greek Coin 415 BCE
Martin Puryear
Richard Serra
What are the two ways to engage with sculpture and what do we call the two forms?
Learn More
Learn More
How its Made?
Match each of the following with the video and information Provided below.
Constructing and Assembling
The bringing together of material all ready formed by the artist.
Picasso Bull's Head
Debora Butterfield
Learn more
Jeremy Mayer
Viola Frey
Uses pliable material such as clay, wax, or plaster that is built up, removed and or pushed into a final form.
Ken Price
As we encounter sculpture today how has it changed and in what ways has remained close to its roots?
1. A Mold needs to be made, off of an original work.
2. Original sculpture is removed.
3. Liquid material poured into the hollow of the mold.
4. Liquid hardens and the mold removed.
Rachel Whiteread
Is a subtractive process in which material such as stone and wood.
Michelangelo preferred this method, saw stone as "souls in turmoil".
Most Challenging of the sculptural methods.
Lost wax Process
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Casting Investigated
How else is the casting process used what other industries use this process?
Other Sculptural Forms
Mixed Media
Installation and Site specific
Alexander Calder
Jesus Rafael Soto
What is it that these two sculpture share?
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Learn More
How are the artist using the material and different medias to enhance the message or content of the work?
Lara Schnitger
Learn More
Cai Guo Qiang
Learn More
What is the major difference between the two styles?
Amalia pica
Richard Serra
Jessica Stockholder
How does the scale and the relationship to a child's toy change?
How has digital technology changed the field of Sculpture?
History of Sculpture
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