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How did you use new technologies in the construction and research, planning and evaluation stages?

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Dolapo Odukoya

on 1 February 2013

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Transcript of How did you use new technologies in the construction and research, planning and evaluation stages?

How did you use new technologies in the construction and research, planning and evaluation stages? New technology has had a major impact on today's society as opposed to years ago where the idea of creating a film would not have been possible. Even if it were possible it would be very difficult. Furthermore, there are still new media technology changes that are finding its way into society. One ongoing advantage of media technology is that we are able to access several different software's at the same time; therefore this is technological convergence. For example:
Youtube created in 2005
Adobe Photoshop created in 2003
Prezi launched in 2009 Convergence is generally the delivery and compatibility of different digital content such as music, video, pictures and data through a variety of technologies such as gaming consoles, mobile phones and television. In addition to this, by the term convergence we can also refer to the compatibility of data between different computer platforms. Technological convergence occurs when a product that is released shares/borrows different characteristics and attributes of other products in order to take their advantages and acquire multi-functionality. Our posts on blog includes Prezis, wordle.net, Youtube, Vimeo, Adobe photoshop and many more..
Also, for us to access all of those information in one computer easily, via MAC is incredible. It also reflects how technology keeps changing and we are individuals who has to keep up with each new media products and forms in order to live standard life in this world. ADVANTAGES OF APPLE I-MAC Data saves automatically in Mac. No need for virus protection. One single brand, Apple rules the technology world
e.g most of the population have atleast 1 Iphone or apple related product. More energy efficient.
Highly rated designs.
Friendly to the environment.
IPS technology and LED backlighting. DISADVANTAGES During our production and editing stages, having many soft wares on one device caused MAC to slowdown, therefore this created problem to race with the time. However, after restarting couple of times and following information on Apple Support, we reached to the ideal solution. Nowadays, new media technology is more expensive. If the customer spends higher value of money on technology, they will be able to reach the highest and the best quality, up to date. In comparison to old technology, in older days, there was one type of media technology available, not widely promoted or available to everyone. During the researching stage, we have used variety of different technologies. Blog helped us to keep all of our information and research organized, in one place. As it's trusted website, it has many advantages. Prezi was launched in 2009, though had immediate success until today and it is about to keep extending and improving. Prezi was so simple and easy to use, can offer unusual presentation features by just a click. We have benefited from prezi presentations, during the time we researched, planned and evaluated the blog. I think, keeping this type of convergence technology free is one of the biggest compliments for technology users.
However there were some disadvantages to prezi:

Due to their being a problem with the school network and the prezi website we were only able to access prezi from our home computers. You Tube has been used most of times by me and Dolapo. We have benefited from videos and trailers on youtube and received everything that people from all around the world could offer; from amateur to professional videos have been our huge influence and inspirations. Looking at all different channels and films shot with variety of cameras gave us new perspective overall. Trailer addict was often used, in terms of finding the right influences, trailers and observing each storyline and genre of the film. As it was in front of us and very clear, this website organised our planning and research. Filming and Editing Panasonic Camcorder Easy and simple to use
Battery life can be improved.
We had a problem after filming, due to the fact the camera was on wrong mode; 1080p and not AVCHD. The other problem was to find the right focus, in order to create the right composition; shallow focus. Although, we found the manual focus and tried our best by filming the scene several times before the actual schedule. Furthermore, touch screen of the camera was useful and running smooth, yet at times of filming the focus, the touch screen made it difficult and challenging to get the composition correct. Overall, we are happy by the outcome. Tripod Adobe Photoshop CS5&CS6
We have used photoshop to edit, create our film poster and magazine cover. Several times, we failed to find the right tools in photoshop to make changes onto image. However, once we watched tutorials from You Tube, everything seemed to fall perfectly into its place. Our editing process fastened. 20-30 years ago, all of this would not be possible by couple of clicks and orders to the computer. They would have to press, print&magazine and billboards to promote and create their media product. This would take months as audience awaits for poster and magazine. Therefore, we have to mention the fact that years we live in right now will go beyond the convergence method soon. At least I believe, technology can achieve all of these in another 20 years time, so products will start to control us and our lives. Going back 20 years This digital camera belongs to 20 years ago and was the first Leica digital camera. Mainly, the unusual features of the camera stands out and so as the shape. It was not easy to use due to the handles. Handles were included for pinpoint framing. However, capturing took over 3 minutes. Smart Phones Smart phone is necessary when filming and keeping contact with the cast. What phones don't have 20 years ago is convergence e.g. Iphone and being multi-functional.
In new media, when we get lost in unknown place, call people or whether we are out of credit to text, all of those problems become easier to solve, due to technological convergence. Smartphones could call, text and text for free thanks to application store which has many apps to save the day.
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