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Transcendentalism and Pixar Movies

How does the idea of transcendentalism relate to Pixar Movies

Tamir Frank

on 9 January 2013

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Transcript of Transcendentalism and Pixar Movies

How do Pixar movies relate to the main
idea of Transcendentalism?

By: Tamir Frank, Xavier Horton,
and Andrew Mullins Transcendentalism Nonconformity Importance of
Nature Confidence WaLL-E: Free
Thought WaLL-E: Self
Reliance We found that transcendentalism and Pixar movies do share many similarities. As shown in this presentation the selection of two movies, The Incredibles and WaLL-E, are all that is needed to represent the ideals and beliefs of Emerson. Conclusion WaLL-E: Whole plot was around a plant and the condition of earth
He did everything he could to protect the plant
Found the plant while cleaning trash which began his adventure
Humans did not care about nature and because of that they had to evacuate Incredibles: WaLL-E Kids showed confidence in their battle scene, Bob and Helen showed confidence while they were in the enemy base and everyone looked inside of them and pulled out confidence in the last battle He went into an unknown world (the spaceship) and was able to complete his mission and bring the humans back to the habitable planet Earth.
He never questioned himself as he went to do something he went with his instinct and let it guide the way Incredibles: Each person in the family took their turn in figuring out a way to outsmart the badguy in their own way He did not have a specific task like the other robots
A short circuit gave him free thought and nonconformity
Was curious and brave, adventurous and successful Incredibles: WaLL-E: "When everyone's super...no one will be
Had rare super powers differentiating them from regular people and because of it they could defeat enemies others could not A short circuit is what caused his nonconformity
His nonconformity and willingness to do something caused revolutionary change Incredibles: They could not rely on others to help due to the lack of superpowers
During all of the fighting people were able to see who they really are as a person stuck to who he was and did not try to change and was successful
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