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New Technology in Libraries

Presented during the John Cotton Dana Library Professional Development Series on February 19, 2015

Bonnie Fong

on 22 February 2015

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Transcript of New Technology in Libraries

New Technology in Libraries
The Printed Text
clay tablet
clay tablet
QR codes

Presented by Bonnie L. Fong
Head, Emerging Technologies
John Cotton Dana Library
Did you know?
Some libraries today have
(but may have e-books)!
Did you know?
Some books today are
published as e-books!
Beyond QR codes
Music & Film
Sound & Video
Accessing Library Materials
Open-Source Integrated Library System
Technological Equipment in Libraries
Booth Ferris Collaborative Multimedia Rooms
Media Labs
Poster Printing
Technology Lending
What Other Academic Libraries Are Doing
@ NCSU & Yale
What about Public Libraries?
mobile hotspots @ NYPL & Chicago Public Library system
Pedometers in Canada
Fitbits in California
telescope in Michigan
Library Tech. Programming
@ Univ. of Baltimore
Room Reservations
Adobe CS6 Master Collection
Humanoid robots @ Westport Library
cost $8,000 each
two-feet tall
speak 19 languages
recognize faces
hold conversations, answer questions
walk, dance, perform tai chi, play soccer
in addition to their software, are robots are equipped with cameras, microphones and motion sensors
can be programmed with new skills using languages like Python / Java
In-person workshops, online guides, video tutorials, Webinars
Promoting the Library Using Technology
Live streaming of library events
Communication With Users
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