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Coyote by Raul

No description

John Miller

on 13 February 2014

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Transcript of Coyote by Raul

Habitat and Diet
Depending on where it lives, a coyote may eats cats and dogs. Now that's just dark. Coyotes are definitely carnivorous. They eat small mammals depending on the region they live in
San Diego County has some very cool and unique animals. I chose the coyote because I think it is vicious.

The coyote is a really mean-looking mammal. It's upper body parts are a grayish-brown and some times yellowish-gray. The throat and belly is white while the forelegs, muzzle, paws and sides of head are reddish-brown. It also has a black tawny underfur and a black-tipped guard hairs. There is a dark cross on it's shoulder with a black dorsal stripe and a scent gland on the black-tipped tail. They can grow to be 30-34 in. long and can weigh up to 15-46 lb. These evil looks go greatly with its evil diet.
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