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Pender High School

No description

Chris Madden

on 16 February 2016

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Transcript of Pender High School

Pender High School
School Improvement Plan

At Pender High School, your attendance and attitude will determine your academic achievement.

At Pender High School we will provide a safe, clean, and orderly environment allowing success for all students. Consistent, data-driven policies and procedures will afford maximum student achievement and college or career ready graduates.

Teachers have the right to teach and students have the right to learn in a safe, clean, and orderly environment.
The educational environment needs to be structured and disciplined, but remain flexible and adaptive to student needs and the community.
Teachers need to use a variety of teaching strategies to accommodate the needs of each student.
Teachers teach the whole child, not just the subject.
Teachers, students, and parents will work together to encourage life-long learning.
Every child is unique and gifted, and has the ability to learn; therefore, expectations should be high, but attainable for all students.

Strategic Directive I: Student Learning & Growth
Goal: Raise the number of grade level proficient students in Math I, English II, and Biology by 10% as measured by common formative assessments, student work samples and EOC test scores.

Strategic Directive V: Resource Management
Goal : Prioritize available resources to target and refine professional development offerings that support the goals and vision of the school as measured by survey monkey, Comprehensive Needs Assessment, and Teacher Working Conditions survey.

Strategic Directive III: Community/Parent Connectedness
Goal: Establish clear lines of communication for all stakeholders as measured by teacher web pages, emails, and School Messenger.
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