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Nova Peris

No description

Angus Jackson

on 1 July 2013

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Transcript of Nova Peris

Nova Peris
Nova Peris
Nova Peris was born in Darwin on the 15th of February 1971 and today is 42. She was the first indigenous Australian to win an Olympic gold medal. She is a renowned Australian athlete representing Australia in both hockey and athletics. Nova is currently the representative for the Labour Party in the Senate for the Northern Territory.
Nova won the 'Young Australian of the Year' award in 1997, alongside Professor Peter Doherty who won 'Australian of the Year'. In the 1996 Atlanta Olympics, Nova played in the Australian women’s hockey team returning home with gold. After playing hockey, Nova made a decision to leave hockey and become a professional runner. She won gold in the 200m and the 4x 100m relay in the 1998 Commonwealth Games. Nova competed in the Sydney 2000 Olympics, making it into the semi finals for the 400m and competing in the 4x400m relay. In these Olympics she had the honour to run the first leg of the Olympic torch. Nova is recognised for being one of the only athletes to achieve in two different sports at Olympic level. A portrait, painted by Glenda Jones, of her was hung in the Sporting Archibald Prize. Nova Peris was the first Australian mother to win a gold medal since Shirley Strickland in 1956.

Major Events in 1997
Major events in 2001 consisted of:
Dolly the sheep being cloned
Hong Kong became independent
The Mars Pathfinder lands on Mars
Princess Diana’s funeral
The movie Titanic is released
Harry Potter was published
Mother Theresa died
Nova At The Present Day
Currently, Nova Peris presents motivational speeches to children in W.A. and N.T. On the 22nd of January 2013, Julia Gillard announced that Nova Peris would be running for the N.T. senate for the Labour party. She won 19 votes to 2. This made her the first indigenous federal parliamentarian.
When Did Nova Become Famous?
Nova became famous when she made her debut to the Australian women’s hockey team in the 1993 champions trophy, winning gold. This was four years before she won young Australian of the year.
Difficulties in Nova's Life
Nova experienced a difficult and somewhat traumatic childhood and has had difficulties with her adult personal relationships.
Charity work
Nova Peris does charity work by giving up her time to present motivational speeches to children.
Nova was born in Australia so she was an Australian citizen by birth.
Is Nova an Australian Citizen?
Nova's Childhood
Nova had a rough childhood, starting with cyclone Tracy when she was four. Her natural father was shot and her mother married a white police man called Les Chapman, who forced her and her siblings do boxing (often against the English boys next door).
Nova was also bullied and isolated due to her skin colour.
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