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Dana D

on 17 June 2010

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Transcript of Antarctica

Antarctica Quarternary Antarctic Animals Sperm Whale Killer Whale Baleen Whales Killer Whale The Killer Whale
The Killer Whale is a part of the dolphin family.
They are found in all oceans, there diet consists of
fish and marine animals, for example sea lions, seals,
walruses and even large whales. Killer whales hunt in pods, up to 40 individuals. Sperm Whale Baleen Whale The Sperm Whale(Toothed whale)
Sperm whale has the largest brain of any animal, they eat fish, squid and can dive up to 3km! The sperm whale can measure up to 20.5m, they can also weigh up to 57,000kg.

Baleen Whale
The Baleen whale has a filtering structure in the mouth, which sucks in all the sea water and eats only the plankton and spits out all the water. Climate in Antarctica Winter Summer Winter in Antarctica
During winter the surrounding water of Antarctica freezes and nearly doubles the size of the country. The coldest temperature recorded is -89°C on the 21st of July.
Summer in Antarctica
The highest temperature ever recorded in Summer was 15° on the 5th of January 1974. Transport in Antarctica
The most common and simplest transport is by foot. Although there are other things like skis, snow mobiles, bulldozers and dogsleds. Birds in Antarctica Albatross Albatross Albatross
Albatrosses are truly graceful birds as their wingspan spreads 3m. They eat squid, fish and anything that is left over. Brown Skua Brown Skua Brown Skua
The brown Skua's are very aggressive birds. The Brown Skua breeds in South Georgia, the Falklands, Antarctica and New Zealand. It's diet consists of penguins, krill, squid, fish, eggs and carrion. Fulmars Fulmar Fulmar
They breed in large colonies on the islands of the Antarctic Peninsula. There diet consists of Krill, Crustaceans and Fish. Bibliography
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Transport in Antarctica Treaty
The Antarctica's treaty is a system that tries to protect the country Antarctica, because no humans are living on the country, people and countries are fighting over who owns what. The treaty was opened for signature on December the 1st , 1959. The treaty identifies if you pollute or hurt Antarctica in anyway you will be in trouble.
Bases of Antarctica
There are four bases in Antarctica:
Davis, Casey, Macquarie Island and Mawson.

Davis comes from Captain King Davis, Captain King Davis was born in England, 1884.King Davis is remembered for his unstinting dedication to his task as ship's master, his great success as an Antarctic navigator, and his willingness to stand up for what he believed.

On 15 December 1994, the City of Casey was named in recognition of the significant contributions to the region and to Australia of Lord Richard Gavin Gardiner Casey and Lady Maie Casey who lived on the property ‘Edrington’ in Berwick. Lord Casey was Governor-General of Australia and Lady Casey was an artist, author and aviator.

Macquarie Island

Macquarie island was named after the governor of New South Wales Lachlan Macquarie. Sealers stumbled on a remote Southern Ocean, and because Lachlan was the governor of New South Wales he named the Ocean after himself.


Sir Douglas Mawson is Australia's most famous Antarctic explorer.
Born in Yorkshire, England in 1882. He joined an expedition headed by British explorer Ernest Shackleton.The team was the first to climb to the top of Mount Erebus, Antarctica's active volcano, and the first to reach the magnetic South Pole.
This new frontier had Mawson in its spell and he knew he had to return. In 1911, when he was thirty years of age, he did just that - as leader of the first Australian Expedition to Antarctica. His aim was to map and explore the coastal area of Antarctica closest to Australia.

Mawson Base
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