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Acting Vice-Principal

No description

karen moffitt

on 27 February 2013

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Transcript of Acting Vice-Principal

Fernforest Public School Acting Vice-Principal April 16th to June 30th, 2012 Responsibilities Discipline Report Cards read and edit in timely fashion
staff feedback
check corrections on reports
challenges Communication staff
parents Honour, Learn, Build ...where our future is growing... Monthly Newsletter board items
school related items
upcoming dates Creation of Class Lists Special needs student placement
ESL cluster
Equal number of boys and girls
Behaviour concerns dispersed equally
Academic concerns
Sibling teacher relationships Timetable compute planning time minutes
list planning time teacher
list special accomodations (1 day a week)
list special teaching assignments
sticky notes for larger templates
sticky notes coloured coded for grades
work with team
explain rationale
Primary teachers not given planning time first or last if possible
planning time coverage with grade commonalities
common planning times with teams
distance to planning time
shared planning time with neighbouring teacher
start with classes with French, PE, Arts
move backwards to Kindergarten
progressive discipline (PPM 145)
think sheets (Restorative Practices)
communication with staff
communication with parents
safe schools incident reporting form Discipline
Report Cards
Monthly Newsletter
Creation of Class Lists
Hiring Hiring 0.5 Secretarial
Long-Term Occasional 978 students
Kindergarten through to Grade 5 Thank You Card From Parents
Letter from Staff Members Letter from another Staff Member STUDENTS ASKING ME TO SHARE IN THEIR ACCOMPLISHMENTS Letter from another Parent More Staff Letters LTO Determined to pursue dream of becoming a Vice-Principal for the Simcoe County District School Board! BUIDLING RELATIONSHIPS AND DEVELOPING PEOPLE BUILDING RELATIONSHIPS
AND DEVELOPING PEOPLE Providing Support and Demonstrating Consideration for Individual Staff Members considered staff members'opinions
built upon and responded to individual staff members
built upon and responded to individual staff members unique needs and expertise
treated individuals and groups of staff equitably Modelling the School's Values and Practices highly visible
easily accessible to staff, students and parents
had frequent meaningful interactions with teachers
exemplified, through my actions, the school's core values and its desired practices Building Trusting Relationships With and Among Staff,
Students and Parents modelled responsibility, integrity and throughness in carrying out tasks
demonstrated respect, care and personal regard for students, staff and parents (Leadership Framework) (Leadership Framework) (Leadership Framework) (Leadership Framework) Building Collaborative Cultures and Distributing Leadership DEVELOPING THE
DESIRED PRACTICES (Leadership Framework) modelled collaboration in my own work
fostered mutual respect and trust among those involved in collaboration
fostered open and fluent communication
involved staff in the design and implementation of school decisions
created timetables for teaching that maximize time on task for students
provided regular opportunities that support teachers in working together on instructional improvement (Leadership Framework) created timetables for teaching that maximized time on task for students
provided regular opportunities that supported teachers in working together on instructional improvement Structuring the Organization to Facilitate Collaboration (Leadership Framework) Maintaining a Safe and Healthy Environment ensure that the physical facility was maintained in a safe, healthy and attractive manner
implemented and monitored the use of appropriate disciplinary practices in classrooms and throughout the school
provided opportunities for students to learn about effective conflict resolution strategies (Leadership Framework)
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