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Jag Singh

on 4 June 2015

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Transcript of Sugar

Sugar factory
Sugar is a sweet matter usually extracted from a plant source (Merriam Webster 2015).
In this presentation we will focus on four chosen topics of sugar with the use of credible web sources. Its origin, production, uses and consumption. Sugar has been known to enrich lives through its many uses of farming for income, industrial productions, creating many different types of food in the idea to produce energy for the body and also some health enrichments.We will also enlighten readers as to the health benefits of a product that is considered bad for you.
Furthermore we will also state the reasons as to why we used our selected resources for our research.
Health and Consumption
Sugar is derived from many plant-based sources, however the main sources of sugar is made from the Cane sugar and Sugar beet plant (Clarke 2015).
Brazil and India are the two largest producers of sugar accounting for a third of the world's sugar production (Brester 2014).
Sugar For Energy
Sugar is a source of energy for the body (World Sugar Research Oganisation, 2012).
Sugar For Income
Sugar Cane and Sugar Beet Plants are a major agricultural source of income for people from all over the globe. Sugar beet plants thrive in colder climates and Sugar Cane is suitable for growing in warmer climates (Sugar Industry Biotech Council, n.d.).
Sugar For Food
Sugar has unlimited uses in food and cooking and is one of the biggest revenues of sugar uses (World Sugar Research Organsation, 2012).

Sugar For Medical Resources
Sugar is used in a majority of rehydration medications and helps to prevent vomiting and diarrhorea. Hydarting soultions such as Oral Rehydrations Salts (ORS) are water diluted with sugar and salt. This is a vital tool for saving lives in developing countries that don't have direct access to health care and where these symptoms of dehydration and famine are common causes of death (Hesperian Health Guides, 2014).
Sugar For Industrial Resources
Sugar is used in the producion of some fabrics, surfactants and cement (World Sugar Research Organisation, 2012).
9000 BC - Indications of primitive sugar production from sugar cane in New Guinea.Early sugar products in India were made by crushing or grinding cane stalks using animal-powered mills fitted with stone wheels "similar to those used to grind grain at the time "(Smith et al,2015) The crushing process then removed the juice which was duly boiled to concentrate it.The result is raw sugar,which is a sweet but dirty brown semi-solid that doesn't ferment
Circa 500 BC - The practice of sugar manufacture by evaporating juice from sugar cane matured in India. Most historians consider Eastern India,about 2,500 years ago to be" the point of origin for the sugar industry." (Smith et al,2015)
327 BC - Alexander the Great discovers sugar cane, then spreads it through Persia and introduces it in the Mediterranean."The Greeks and Romans whilst visiting India in ancient times became aware of sugar and imported it back for medicinal use."(Florida Crystals,n.d.)
Major steps involved in the processing of cane sugar.
Steps involved in the processing of beet sugar.
Low Glycemic Index
-This means that although sugar cane tastes really sweet and have a high sugar content its good for diabetic patients.(Aparajita 2015) The Low glycemic index prevents a steep rise in blood glucose levels.
Cancer Fighting
- Sugar cane is considered a form of alkaline forming food because of its high amounts of calcium, potassium, iron, magnesium and manganese. cancerous cells cant survive in an alkaline environment, that's why studies have shown that sugar cane is effective in fighting against cancer especially breast and prostate cancer.(Aparajita 2015)
Healthier kidney, liver and digestive system.
- the sugar cane can actually boost proteins levels in the body which helps maintain a healthy kidney. The antioxidants in sugarcane juice also helps fight against infections and boost the immunity system of the body. Sugar cane juice is also good for the digestive system because of the potassium, it helps prevent stomach infections and its very useful in treating problems of constipation.( Pavitra 2014)
Main sugar producing countries.
Worlds main sources of sugar
* Crushing- Juice Extraction from the crop (Bundaberg Sugar 2015).
* Harvesting- Gathering crops from the ground (Bundaberg Sugar 2015).
* Clarification- Removal of impurities (Bundaberg Sugar 2015).
Evaporation- Removal of excess water (Bundaberg Sugar 2015).
* Crystallization- Formation of sugar crystals (Bundaberg Sugar 2015).
* Harvesting- Crop is pulled out from the ground (Dan Sukker 2015).
* Diffusion- Sugar extraction from cut strips of beet (Dan Sukker 2015).
Glowing Skin
-Sugarcane Juice contains flavonoids and phenolic compounds, which are called alphahydroxy acid and glycolic acid. These compounds can make our skin healthy and soft. it not only helps reduce acne, but it also helps in preventing early aging, wrinkles and appearance of blemishes. Sugarcane juice also cleanses the body through detoxification.( Vishruta n.d.)
Purification- Lime is used to remove impurities from the juice and then thickened (Dan Sukker 2015).
Crystallization- The juice is crystallised into sugar through boiling (Dan Sukker 2015).
Helps with bad breath
- Because of the high mineral content like potassium and alkaline in sugarcane, it makes a very effective antimicrobial agent. The minerals present in the juice keeps the teeth healthy and other agents prevent tooth decay due to infections. (Pavitra 2014)
Compensating for protein lost
- It has been discovered that sugarcane juice is great for people suffering with febrile disorders. Febrile disorders can result in fevers,which then can lead to loss of protein in the body. its quite common in children and infants. Sugarcane juice helps compensate for the lost of protein and helps in the recovery. (Aparajita 2015)
(Adapted from Sucden, 2015)
Adapted from Brester 2014
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20 years in NAFTA finally sours the US sugar program
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10 reasons you should drink sugarcane juice this summer
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Spoonful of sugar cubes [image]
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Candy at a souq in Damascus, Syria [image],
Candy, Wikipedia, viewed 15 May 2015, <http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Candy>.
In this presentation, we have covered the various topics and sub topics of sugar. Since ancient civilaisation sugar has been used to enrich lives through its many resources in aiding incomes, creating industrial resources, cooking benefits, influncing medical wellbeing and providing a natural source of energy. Sugar plays a vital role in mantaining our health and manufacture of building materials.
Our Resources
1)Origin of Sugar
(i)Sugar,A Global History
-Information correponds with other sources
-Current copyright information
-A organised educational ebook designed for informative and industry purposes,chosen from Swinburne Library
-States current laws and regulation standards

-Florida Crystals website
-Industry and informational website
-Information corresponds with other sources
-References accredited Industry sources

2)Production of sugar
(i)Sucres & Denrees and American Enterprise Institute websites:
-Current information
-Professional Organisation
-Depth of coverage
-Absence of Advertising
-Information validated from other sources
-Author identification

(ii)Bundaberg Sugar and Dan Sukker website:
-Organisation that produces the product.
-Current information- consistenly being updated.

(iii)Encyclopedia Britannia website:
-Fee based website
-Authors identification

3) Uses of Sugar
(i)Hesperian Health Guides
- Charity Organisation Website
-Information is referenced and sourced from accredited literature
-Information corresponds with other sources
-Current copyright information

(ii)Sugar Industry Biotech Council
-Organisation website
-Information correponds with other sources
-Current copyright information
-A organised council website designed for environmental and industry purposes
-States current laws and regulation standards

(iii) World Sugar Research Organisation
-Organisation website
-Information corresponds with other sources
-References accredited industry sources
-A internationally recognised research non-for-profit organisation registered in London (lists registration reference number)
-Releases current statement based on research
-Current copyright information

4) Heath and Consumption of Sugar
(i) The Health Site
-Information corresponds with other sources
-Authors identification

(ii) Livestrong
-Authors identification (Bachelor of Science degree with honors in food science)
-Information corresponds with other sources
-Partner of Organisation website
-References accredited to industry sources

(iii) Stylecraze
-Current information
-Authors identification
-Information corresponds with other sources

(iv) Medindia
-Information corresponds with other sources
-References accredited to industry sources
(Adapted from Brester, 2014)
(Corey, n.d.)
(Wikipedia, n.d.)
(Marketspice, n.d.)
(Marketspice, n.d.)
(Beyond pesticides, n.d.)
Learning and Communicating Online-Assignment 2A
Team 4's Topic: Sugar.

Sub-topics and authors:
The origin of sugar- By Peter Warren Smith
The production of sugar- By Jag Singh
The uses of sugar- By Kathryn Jung
Health and Consumption- By Anthony Goh
(Rhyne 2015)
Full transcript