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No description

Lily Wilder

on 13 April 2018

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Transcript of Inflouence

Carl Orff
10 July 1895 – 29 March 1982
Lily Wilder

-grandfather converted everyone from Jewish to Roman Catholic
-1 sibling= Maria (3 years younger)
-both parents great at piano
-dad= Army General
-fun fact: Supported Nazi Germany
-started composing as a teen
-5=started piano lessons
-played cello and piano
-1905= Education at Ludwigs Gym and Wittlesbach Gym
-church choir
-could sing soprano
-hated school/bad student
-college: Academy of Music in Munich
Contrasting Example #1:
Catata Carmina Burana (1937)
Overview and Important Points:
Contrasting Example #2:
Family Life:
Family Life #2:
Orff's Style:
born: 1895
all life: composer
16 yrs. old
first piece published
Munich Academy of Music
biggest accomplishment:
Cantata Carmina Burana (1937)
married 4 times (1920-1960)
kids: Godela (1920-2013)
collaborated with Nazi Party
died: 1982
Die Kluge
-had 4 wives
-Alice, Gertrud, Luise, Liselotte
-4-5 year marriages
-40 year period (1920-1960)

-One child=Godela
-was from 1st marriage
-she describes the relationship as difficult
-he was said to be an uninvolved father
-died of cancer at 86
-Baroque Era
-but he reminded people of Medieval Era
-best remembered for Carmina Burara
-wrote other songs for the stae
-wrote Gregorian Chants
-"primitive" and "skeletal" style
-heavy percussion
-banks of pianos
-said to smash keys
-big in musical education
-very involved in education young people
-"Orff Approach" = musical education
-movement, drama, and speech involved in lessons
-said to mix work and play
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