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Copy of Deadly Unna?

No description

Bruce Gibson

on 14 October 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Deadly Unna?

The Beginning
One year in the life of a fourteen-year-old Gary 'Blacky' Black.
Blacky plays football, have worries about girls, shirks responsibility and have problems at home.
It explores the THEMES of...
Human dignity
He lives at 'the Port', a sleepy coastal town where the whites (Goonyas) live.
The novel that based the movie of Australian Rules.
Deadly Unna?
Blacky worries about the Grand Final and the responsibility he carries for the team.
Sections of the novel
Short friendship of Blacky and Dumby develops.
1st section
Blacky begins to see the racism in his community.
2nd section
Love-struck by the camper, Cathy and the desire for her approval
From the view of Blacky
Forgets about his Nunga friends.
The tragic death of Dumby.
Dumby Red
Lives out at 'the point', South Australia with the Nungas (Aborigines).
His is called Unna.
Best firends with Gary (Blacky).
14 years old boy
His nationality is Aboriginal Australian.
He got shot by Big Mac (the pub owner) when trying to rob the pub with a couple of mates.
Has a little sister called Clarence.
He always tries to dodge his responsibilities.
Begins to develop his friendship with Dumby Red.
Shows his relationships with his family.
His dad is always out and is only home during Sundays and Christmas.
Family of 8 children.
Blacky discovers the racism between the whites (Goonyas) from the Port and the aboriginals (Nungas) from the Point.
The Climax
Dumby was shot down the pub.
Blacky was determined to go to Dumby's funeral marks a turning point.
It will put an end to his blossoming friendship with the Cathy.
Brings full weight of his father's rage upon him.
Many people were againts him going to the funeral.
He is able to stand up for himself.
After the loss of the team player, Blacky had to fill in as the important role of a rucky.
The End
Blacky realises the importance of making a stand and how he has matured.
He is able to do so by...
Getting his 7 siblings and himself to paint over the 'BOONGS PISS OFF' graffiti.
'BOONGS' is a bad word for an Aborigine.
He was able to stand up for the Aborigines mostly because of his friend Dumby Red.
The slogan may well reappear, but he was able to take responsibility for something that he CAN change.
By Philip Gwynne
Gary 'Blacky' Black
The main Character
Lives at the Port, south Australia with the whites (Goonyas).
He lives with his 7 siblings, his long-suffering mother and his alcoholic father.
As his friendship with Dumby grew, he starts to see his town in a whole different perspective.
The names of his siblings (from youngest to oldest) are:
(main character)
Tim (Team player).
His name creates irony of his name 'Blacky' and his white race.
He was appointed to be in an important role of being the first ruck after the team player in his local football club was unable to play.
Dynamic Character
Differences to the film
'Australian Rules'

In the movie, Blacky and Dumby are both 16 years old.
The character 'Cathy' a camper near the 'Port' did not appear in the movie.
The team player Carol Cockatoo did not get arrested.
He was not allowed to play because there was a mistake in his birth certificate.
His name was actually Colin Cockatoo, his brother.
The 'BOONGS PISS OFF' graffity sign did not appear in the film.
Thank you for listening :)
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