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PAL (Portable Academic Lapdesk) PROJECT

No description

Jackie Wells

on 15 November 2013

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Transcript of PAL (Portable Academic Lapdesk) PROJECT

Mission Statement

Our mission is to impact impoverished emerging and developing nations by equipping men, women, and children to live healthy lives, receive an excellent education, provide for their families and communities through profitable businesses, and to become the leaders of tomorrow.

Government Approved for Distribution
Registered and
Requests from:
PAL stands for Portable Academic Lapdesk and is an educational tool that provides a desk surface as well as a visual textbook for the students and serves as a resource for teachers.
It is lightweight, easily portable and UV resistant.
raising the funds to get the
into production
You can help us change the lives of millions of children by helping to give them a basic education - after all
It is what you want for your own children and grand children.

Find out more at:
Imagine sending your child or grandchild to a school where their chair is a brick and their thigh is their desk.
This is the norm for millions of children in Africa.
What is ?
The PAL will be directly distributed to and stewarded by the local schools.
South Africa
Where are we now
We are Joel and Jackie Wells from Spokane Washington. During our ten years of mission work we came face to face with the needs of the Schools in Africa - this led us to develop the PAL along with a 501 (c) (3) non-profit
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