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Women in Society

No description

on 24 April 2014

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Transcript of Women in Society

Women do not get the privileges that men have. Women in Afghanistan cannot make their own decisions. The can't make the choice to wear what they want. They can't wear high heels and at some point in time women could not go shopping for their needs. If someone comes to their home asking for a place to stay they cannot tell them yes or no. That is the husbands responsibility.
What privileges don't women have in Afghanistan?
What are some 'crimes' in Afghanistan that women can be punished for but not men?
How have things changed or stayed the same for women since the Taliban lost power?
After the Taliban had fell there had been many changes toward the respect and rights of women. There was a radio station made to educate women and young girls about the basic health and hygiene for women. If a woman or girl ran away from domestic violence or forced marriage they were still imprisoned.
How are women treated differently than men in Afghanistan
In afghanistan, men are not permitted to stay at home during the day. Women take care of housekeeping, the children, and dinner. If a women in Afghanistan is sick and needs to be hospitalized only female doctors can assist them. Girls above the age of eight years old stop getting educated and can't get it any more.
Women in Society
Afghanistan Women
Women in afghanistan cannot get away with anything. If women were running away from forced marriages or abusive relationships they would get in trouble. If a women had sex outside marriage the government would consider that as a 'moral crime' and they would be punished for it. In Afghanistan, women couldn't speak louder than a man because their spouse doesnt want anyone to hear their voice. Nor can afghan women speak to people not blood related if they were a man.
Women were put through physical, sexual and physiological violence and they still are. Forced marriages upon women still occur and there is no formal education. Women never have felt secure around afghanistan because of they brutal wars and brutal laws against women.
What challenges to modern Afghan women encounter? How are these similar different to their mothers?
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