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The Go-Getter

No description

Lauren Henry

on 7 December 2014

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Transcript of The Go-Getter

The Story
A parable about a young World War I veteran who confides in an old lumber industry leader for a job. The WWI veteran has to prove himself by taking on tasks set by his employers. The WWI veteran overcomes all obstacles with his determination and perseverance. The parable shows how great efforts to accomplish tasks can take you far in life.
Cappy Ricks
: the old lumber industry leader who always gives the small guy a chance

William E. Peck
: the young disabled World War I veteran who overcomes personal and job related obstacles
Peck was hit with several problems when trying to retrieve the vase. He had to use problem solving skills to complete the task by the appropriate time. Some of these problems set him back and he was not able to get the vase to Ricks by said time. Peck was determined to get him the vase and went above and beyond to this.
Obstacles Overcame
1. Peck could not find the store and had to search several blocks.
2. After finding the store, it was closed so Peck had to contact the owner through phone. Took many phone calls to find the owner.
3. The owner was busy having dinner with friends and was unable to come and help Peck. The owner told Peck to get in contact with the head salesman to open the store.
4. The head salesman was not home when first trying to contact him but then arrived at home when Peck tried a second time.
5. Salesman had to verify with the owner that Peck was who he said he was. Salesman did not arrive at store until 9:15, an hour and fifteen minutes after the deadline.
6. The salesman demanded that Peck pay for the vase in cash. The vase cost $2,000. Cash that Peck did not have.
Peck tried to get this money from Ricks' son-in-law and Mr. Skinner but failed.
7. Peck paid for the vase with his ring that was worth $2,500. This was done to secure the personal check that Peck had written for the vase.
The Degree of the Blue Vase
The ultimate test set by Ricks for Mr. Peck. Ricks instructed Peck to find and purchase a certain blue vase from a store at an undisclosed location. Peck was supposed to get Ricks this vase to him before Ricks left town for a wedding at 8:00 p.m.
The Go-Getter:
A Story That Tells You How to be One

By: Peter B. Kyne
Presentation by Lauren Henry
The Go-Getter
Peck showed Ricks that he was a "go-getter" by completing the Blue Vase test.
Ricks wanted to know if Peck was suitable for the Shanghai manager position that was available. Ricks knew that Peck had the guts and the initiative to take on that very roll. Although Peck was hit with many obstacles, he still excelled.
It Shall Be Done
Peck lived by these words. When at war, he would say these exact same words to his brigadier. Peck knew that it was his business to see that he accomplished the task at hand. This would not have been done if Peck succumbed to the obstacles.
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