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Industrial Robots

A brief presentation about Industrial Robots.

Philip G.

on 1 September 2014

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Transcript of Industrial Robots

Industrial Robots
Industrial robots can repeat precise movements making them very useful for
manufacturing and assembly line work.
The first modern industrial robot Unimate began work at General Motors in 1961.
Unitmate preformed tasks that normal human workers deemed to be dangerous or boring. Also Unitmate never called in sick, went on strike, or violated company rules. It worked 24/7 3 shifts a day. This caused factory owners to gain interest in industrial robots.
Another thing Industrial robots need are End of Arm Tooling, like gripper or a welding torch.
Industrial robots need a Manipulator. A long, jointed arm and wrist allowing the robot movement.Most robots have 3-6 axis
All robots need a controller, a computer that can be reprogrammed to manipulate the robot to do different tasks.
Industrial robots were originally used for: welding, painting and material handling.
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