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Eva Galler

No description

nina t

on 21 December 2012

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Transcript of Eva Galler

EVA GALLER Eva Galler was born in Oleszyce, Poland. She was born on January 1, 1924. She grew up with one brother and a mom and dad. She first started school when she was seven. She lived an community with over 7000 people. Before the Holocaust Before the holocaust began Eva was finishing up her elementary year. Stories have been spread around town that the Germans would come to Polland until people saw airplanes. It was so sudden that in a couple of days the germans invaded small and big towns. There was nothing we could do about it. Because my town was on the Russian side of the River, the germans occupied our part of Poland. Then according to the Germans treaty, i still had time to finish grade school. But my father could not finish his business. One Saturday evening on June 1941 we went to sleep. Soon we woke up to gunshots During the Holocaust... Eva Galler had to hop onto a train in the morning, including her bother and 60 other people. They hopped onto a train that led them to a german farm where they forced the Jews to work for them. After awhile, Eva and her brother and couple other surviors were the only Jews alive, until they took her brother away. They soon let me and other Jews out of the farm. She was at the age of 17 and she got a job at a factory, and Eva fell in love with a man names Henery. They got married and had one girl. They came to the U.S on May 2, 1954 when there quota came. They moved to New York City. PAPER CLIPS Quotes " If I will survive, I will return to my original religion." QUOTES " I learned English by helping my daughter with her homework. I tested her on Spelling, and she tested me too. Admiration What i admire about Eva Galler is that she never gave up on what she was shooting for from day 1. She told herself that she would make it out of this mess, and would live to see another life. She was very self-controlled about everything and saw her life in a positive perspective. URLS www.holocaustsurviors.com www.google.com/images
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