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All About Me

Students will create a museum box with a partner to share important info about themselves. In the process they will learn about the importance of copyright.

Laura VanDerKolk

on 7 August 2011

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Transcript of All About Me

All About Me
Project Copyright can't take things off web and use it without author permission http://cyberbee.com/cb_copyright.swf we are all authors, own our work
only have permission to use our own work
Need to search sites that allow sharing
And attribute to author Museum Box Digital Story:
Mrs. V's Favorites
sample Where Do I live? Images Needed:
* Picture of self
* Picture of favorites:
*place to visit
*family members
*choice using Google Earth http://www.google.com/earth Project Rubric Image folder www.search.creativecommons.org Digital Citizenship-Netizens Adjusting images Finding or taking images www.picasa.com www.flickr.comgroups/freeuse *able to take and upload photo *search public sites for images Curriculum Standards Guts before Glitz
80/20 Rule:
80% project, 20% effect Citing Images positive digital footprint rubistar Images Text:
*when I grow up
*I am good at
*My favorite thing to
do in the winter
*My favorite thing to
do in the spring
*My favorite subject
in school is
*My favorite thing to
eat is
*I want to learn more
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