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analog and digital signals, OTA HD signals, wifi

Preeti Mohan

on 18 April 2010

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Transcript of technology

Television and Wi-FI We've all watched TV, right?
Yeah, I assumed so.
So, do you know if your TV channels are transmitted via analog or digital means?
What?! Yeah, analog and digital.

Analog- waves are transferred in their original form. They're not converted or anything.

Digital- Waves are converted into numbers, and the numbers are then reconverted into waves later on. Wi-Fi: Wireless Internet
Wi-FI actually kinda works like the radio. The computer’s wireless adapter converts data into a radio signal and transmits it via antenna. A wireless router recieves the information and decodes it, and sends it to the internet via a wired ethernet connection. It also works in reverse for getting info from the internet. Over the air High Definition (OTA HD) signals Television has recently evolved into "High Definition Television", or HDTV It's possible to obtain over-the-air HD (hi-def without having cable) with an HDTV. This is because the signal that television stations send off is in multiple parts. There's the regular part, that a normal television picks up with a digital conveter Then there's the less common piece, that only DTV's can pick up.
(This contains the better quality picture, but the volume is lower because the station hasn't regulated the volume on it, and also because the audio is reduced in order to create better picture quality.) So the big mystery on over-the-air HD television, not as complicated as most people tend to think. It's just two seperate signals that are sent out simultaneously. THE END
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