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The Old Man with Enormous Wings

No description

Devin Vozza

on 19 February 2015

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Transcript of The Old Man with Enormous Wings

People wouldn’t recognized a miracle even if they saw one-
The family, priest, and people from all over mistreated the angel and couldn’t see the amazing event they had in front of me. The priest said the angel didst "Measure up to the proud dignity of angels" ( Marquez 272).
Compassion and cruelty –
Humans pick on the weak. The visiting people "pulled out feathers [... and] threw stones at him" (Marquez 273).

Wings- powerful sign that are covered in parasites, but naturally lift himself
Old man- Old men are usually weak and angels are supposed to be strong and powerful.
Crabs- the bad perks in life that lead you to the good, the angle

By; Devin Vozza
The Old Man with Enormous Wings
Magical Realism
The angel is a magical element and he is living with this family in a natural environment.
Writing in this style helps show the themes about how a people couldn’t see a miracle if it was right in front of them.
Magical realism is the type of writing that combines folkloric and literacy. While including the Latin American culture.
Magical Realism
“Many of my students who read the story become nearly hostile about its cryptic, impenetrable refusal to make "logical" sense. The human characters behave abysmally; the angel is unreadable and ultimately undefined; the story is not so much a story as a long comment” ("A Very Old Man").
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Work Cited
Magical realism is a style of writing where the magic in a story plays a natural part in a real environment.
During a terrible storm Pelayo sees an old man stuck in the mud. Shocked Pelayo calls for his wife Elisenda to come help and they discovered that he is an angel. The family soon realized that people were lined up in their yard to see him and the family decided to charge to see him. The priest decides that the angle is a fake because the angle does not live up to the expectations. Eventually a spider lady comes along and takes all of the fame.The angel is everywhere in the house and becomes an annoyance to the family. As the angle heals he tries to take flight. The wind barely lifts him off the ground and as Elisenda watches the angle fly away she is relieved.
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