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Eva Janoskova

on 21 May 2015

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Transcript of MYTHS

Introducing Myths
Greek deities
Designing gods
Pandora's box
King Midas
Planning Stage
Percy Jackson
Creating Myths
What do these images have in common?
(other than, erm, a complete lack of clothing!)
According to the Bible, God created Adam from dust and Eve from Adam's rib.
Greek 'titan' Prometheus created humans from clay and the goddess of wisdom (Athena) breathed life into them.
Egyptian God Ra created a perfect world inhabited by gods. Everything he saw was perfect, and the sight of such wonders brought tears to his eyes. The tears fell to earth and grew into human beings.
Are these
true stories?
fairy tales?
Read the creation myth from
West Africa
What are the similarities?
What are the differences?
On a post-it note, write down your definition of the word 'myth'.

Why does it include the supernatural?
What is the purpose of a myth?
a traditional story, especially one concerning the early history of a people or explaining a natural phenomenon, and typically involving supernatural beings or events.
Transform one of the two creation myths into a short role play
Walk around the classroom and make notes on the gods and goddesses
Remember that you can gather information in any order (no need to make a beeline for Zeus!)
Who is who?
Quiz Time!
Write down ten questions about Greek gods and goddesses.
For example:
Who was Hephaistos married to?
Who built the first ship?
Who was Zeus' least popular child?
Where is this place?

Who lives here?
Welcome to Mount Olympus!
Who is the odd one OUT? WHY?
There are no right or wrong answers as long as you can justify your choice
What do these four personalities have in common?
Write down which famous personality could be the god/goddess of
hip hop
Paul Hollywood will be fuming when he finds out that they picked me!
The Goddess of Baking
Mary Berry is the patron of bakers, confectioners and Food Tech teachers worldwide. Mary is usually depicted wearing luscious pink jumpers and immaculately styled hair. Despite being the goddess of baking, Mary is never seen covered in flour or jam stains. Mary is often spotted holding a magical spatula and a golden muffin tray. If you cross or offend her, Mary will jinx your oven, which will result in all your attempted bakes burning to cinder.

Mary is worshipped for her supernatural powers such as making Victoria sponge that never goes stale and perfectly even scones that butter themselves. Due to her remarkable powers, some inferior bakers such as Paul Hollywood have tried to sabotage Mary's baking by stealing her frosting and replacing it with shaving foam.
Success Criteria:
Third person (he, she)
Proper nouns (names) with capital letters

Based on your partner's description, draw a picture of their god/goddess, including all the detail mentioned
(Erm, not quite...)
something for the Gods of drawing!
Swap books and peer assess against the criteria
What do these images have in common?
What is 'Pandora's Box?
Prometheus created humans from clay.
He also stole fire from the gods to help his children (humans).
To make human lives even more pleasant, Prometheus boxed up all the evils of the world into this box. He left his brother Epimetheus in charge of this box.
The gods were angry with Prometheus who stole their fire and wanted revenge.
They asked Hephaistos to create the perfect woman - Pandora. All the gods and goddesses gave her special gifts. She was sent down to earth.
Epimetheus and Pandora fell in love. One day, Pandora spotted the box...
Can I open the box? Please, please pretty please!
What will happen next?
What was inside the box?
talking about someone behind their back
Write down as many examples for each as possible
Write one of the evils on your post-it note
Explain WHY it should be locked away forever
In my opinion…
The reason why … is…
I have chosen … because...
What special power does this man have?
Read the myth of King Midas
What is the moral of this myth?
Your Turn!
Write a short myth about a person whose wish is granted... but the consequences are terrible.
being immortal (you would not age)
reading people's minds
seeing the future
obvious benefits
possible disadvantages
For example:
Can you link these images to Skellig?
Who are these four gods and goddesses?
Can you guess their role in this myth?
Mummy, I don't really fancy shooting at Hades...
Laters, folks!
Can you link each image to the myth?
How does the myth explain the four seasons?
assessment task:
WAF1 and 3: Create a Greek myth that explains a natural phenomenon
Success Criteria:
Third person
Past tense
direct speech
Structure of a myth:
- establish three characters (Greek deities, demigods, mortals)
- describe a key event linked to the phenomenon (e.g., abduction of Persephone, opening of Pandora's box)
- explain the natural phenomenon (earthquake, snow, hurricane, volcano)

Was Zeus' decision fair?
Would you prefer the myth and what happens to the characters in a different way?
I would prefer _________________ so that/because...
How could you change the myth and what happens to the characters to create a new meaning or a different outcome?
I would change _________________ so that/because...
Adapt these sentences and use them in your own myth
Aphrodite, the goddess of love, looked at Eros...
In the meadow, Persephone saw...

Clutching his trident, Neptune attacked...
Whilst searching for..., Midas encountered...

Despite his anger, Zeus decided...
At last Prometheus accomplished...
assessment task:
WAF1 and 3: Create a Greek myth that explains a natural phenomenon
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