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No description

Sara Smalley

on 17 August 2013

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Transcript of hello

harry potter
hogwarts express
This is Harry hermione and ron on
the train
the feast is where scrumptious
food appears magically
your favourite character
playing quditch is so much
my favourite character is
hermione because she
is just like me!
hogsmeade is the place where
hogwarts kids go especially to Honeydukes.
chosing your Hogwarts pet.
broken wand
1. When you have a broken wand you complain to the teacher.
2. When you have a broken
wand youse it as an exuse
to skip exams
3. when you have a broken wand
throw it in the bin and say you lost it
the teachers
Madam Hooch
Magic Spells
the patronum spell is
used to fight back Dementors
Dumbledore , Minerva, and Hagrid
expecto patronum !
Bloody Baron, nearly head less
nick, Grey lady and Fat Friar
If you insolt a Hipogrif you wont
live long
There is a box of sweets witch
is called evry flaver beans
there are really really bad
flavers in there to
like ear wax I really
think that it would tasted
Floo powder
To travel by floo powder you
have to go under a chimney
take the floo powder say where
you want to be then WAMOOSH!
you end up where you want
to be.
Ministery of Magic
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