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The Religious Life of the 1500s-1600s (2)

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Emily Richter

on 6 February 2013

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Transcript of The Religious Life of the 1500s-1600s (2)

Jenna Williams,
Mikaylin Fulk, and
Emily Richter The Religious Climate During
This Time. The Chain of Being The Center of the Universe Interesting Facts Catholic religious service is known as Mass.
People in Elizabethan England believed that churches celebrate God and decorate them with statues and shrines. The Great Chain of Being was a common theory in the time of Elizabethan England. It stated that all beings whether they were human, angels, animals, minerals, or plants had a rank on a long chain.
The rankings on this chain depended on the amount of heavenly properties the object possessed. If an object possessed more earthly properties it was much lower on the chain than the objects with more heavenly properties on the top of the chain. Astrologers believed that they could predict the future "by knowing the conjuction of the stars." (Tomecek)
They also believed that "the planets affect the affairs of Earth."(Tomecek)
Schools taught the official religion of the current King or Queen of the region. - Teaching a different religion would result in imprisonment, torture, execution, etc.
The Priests in this time intensely believed that the Priest were the link between God and the people.
Everyone in Elizabethan England had to attend church at least once each month. More Interesting Facts The Religious Life during
the 1500's-1600's During this time, the Great Reformation was in act. This was a time of new ideas and beliefs. People started questioning the ways of Catholicism, thus, creating Protestantism. The beliefs of the Protestants came from men like Protestantism leader, Martin Luther, a German monk. The people in Shakespeare's time believed that the Earth was the center of the universe. They only thought that there were seven planets that revolved around the Earth. In their minds, God controlled everything. He was known as the "Prime Mover." Rankings on the chain could not be changed by an individual or an object no matter the circumstance. Even though people could not change their rankings they could break the chain. Politicians and leaders used this fear of breaking the chain and the fact the everything had its place to their advantage. They controlled the people and set a distinct set of rules and punishments by using the chain as a guideline. Works Referenced At the top of the chain of being was God and at the bottom was Minerals.
Every group on the chain had subgroups that had their own rankings of Heavenly and Earthly materials.
Men were ranked above women on the chain of beings. "Religion." Life in Elizabethan England 7: Religion.
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England." Religion in Elizabethan England. N.p., 16 May 2012. Web. 27 Jan 2013. <http://www.elizabethan-era.org.uk/religion-elizabethan-england.htm>. N.a.The Great Chain of Being. University of
Portland. N.d., Web. 25 Jan 2013. <http://faculty.up.edu/asarnow/GreatChainofBeing.htm>. Works Referenced
Continued Lilia , Melani. "Renaissance." Introduction to the
Renaissance. The English Department of Brooklyn College, 30 Mar 2009. Web. 25 Jan 2013. <http://academic.brooklyn.cuny.edu/english/melani/cs6/ren.html>. Quiz Time!!! 1. What is ranked first on the
Great Chain of Being? Ranked first on the Great Chain of Being was... GOD 2. What were the two main religions
in Elizabethan England? The two main religions during this time were...... Catholicism
Protestantism 3. What was believed to be
the center of the
universe during this time? The Center of the Universe at the time
was believed to be the.... Earth (McAndrew) 4. How many planets did they believe revolved around the Earth? They believed that there were 7 planets that revolved around the Earth. 5. Who did they believed controlled the Universe? More Questioning! 5. Who did they believe controlled the Universe? They believed that God controlled the Universe. 6. True or False : Protestantism leader, Martin Luther, was
a Spanish monk. False!!! Martin Luther was a German monk. 7. True or False: People could change their status on the Great Chain of Being. False!!!! Status on the Great Chain of Being could not be changed or altered. 8. Who was ranked higher on the Great Chain of Being: Men or
Women? Men Ranked higher on the Great Chain of Being were:
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