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Intro to Shakespeare

No description

Madalyn Clemence

on 12 February 2016

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Transcript of Intro to Shakespeare

Under the surface
The Tip of the Iceberg
Who is this guy?
What does a bald middle aged man wearing a lace collar have to say about me?
The Man, The Myth, The Legend!
Born and Died the same day April 23rd
Had a shotgun wedding, married Ann Hathaway (6 moths later...) (Ann was 8 years older)
Rumored that he was not a real person or only was given/took credit for his work
Often played the lead of the plays he wrote
Last play was written in 1612ish
Most of his plays were not published in his lifetime. They were all written for the stage and most were published from memory. The First Folio was published in 1623!
The Modern Man
Create the Shakespeare next door
How shall we speak?
Describe Shakespeare the man
Compare Shakespeare with themselves
Interpret the language used in Romeo and Juliet

Who was Shakespeare?
What do we already know?
On The Surface:
Born 1564 in Stratford
Lived in London between 1590-1612
Died 1616 in Stratford
Wrote 38 plays
Wrote 2 epic poems, 154 sonnets
Queen Elizabeth I and James I (1603)
Writer, actor, producer
Fun Facts:
In groups of 4 create a Facebook profile for the Shakespeare of today. Include a picture or two, a list of friends, comments on his wall, a demographic section with his personal information, and a blurb that "he wrote himself" about who he is and his interests. In 15 mins we will share with the class.
Imagine Shakespeare was your neighbor... What does he look like? How does he dress? Where does he live? Where does he work? How does he get to work? How does he act? What are his bad habits? What are his friends like?
iambic pentameter = 10 syllables
Ye mother hath a behind so plump thou....
Shakespeare's Insults:
He Heareth not, he stirreth not, he moveth not:
The ape is dead 2.1. 15-16
She Speaks, yet she says nothing. 2.2.12
They are the children of an idle brain,
begot of nothing but vain fantasy,
which is as thin of substance as the air
and more inconstant than the wind. 1.4. 97-100
Photo: telegraph.co.uk
Photo: findingshakespeare.co.uk
The Man Underneath
Themes of plays include; lust, greed, ambition, jealousy, cowardice, and other basic human emotions like love and regret
Had a wicked sense of humor (like SNL, Simpsons, or Family Guy)
Was a business man - owned half shares at The Globe
Did not have much of a formal education but was very clever
Resourceful; he borrowed plots and characters from others and from history (like Disney)
Who was The Bard?
Photo: kids.britannica.com
In Class Translations:
In your groups of 4, practice translating Shakespeare's words.
What do you notice? What is the difficulty from 1-10? Does it become easier with practice? Try saying it out loud; does that help with line comprehension?
When you are finished, check out:
I challenge thee to a duel of insults!!
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