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All About Me!


Douglas Hussman

on 26 August 2015

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Transcript of All About Me!

Thank You!
Lets Start With Some General INFO.
Birth Place: Searcy, AR

Birthday: January 26, 2000

Location: Romance, AR

Age: 15

Parents: Amanda Hussman/Chuck Hocking, but I live with my grandmother: Tammy Carmichael

Siblings: None

Pets: I don't have any pets
What Are My Favorite Things?
Restaurant: The Rambler

Food: A sandwich works for me

Drink: Dr. Pepper or Mt. Dew

Movie: Kingsman: The Secret Service

Books: Divergent Series and Hunger Games Series

Music: Certain Rap songs/artists and Metal Rock

Songs: E.B.A.H, Jekell and Hyde

Artists: Tech N9ne and Five Finger Death Punch

Animal: Hawk

Sport: Soccer

Team: Newcastle United FC (English Premiership) and Real Madrid (Spanish Premiership)

Subject: English

Interest: Music and Soccer

Color: Black/Red/White

Person: My Girlfriend, Ashley Vincent

Hobby: None

Vacation Spot: Haven't Been on vacation.

by: Douglas Hussman
All About Me!
I also like anime!
I could not get a picture of my girlfriend.
Favorite Video: SCOTT STERLING!
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