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Aussie Pooch Mobile Presentation

Case study analysis of APM current business and future opportunities.

Michael Cooper

on 27 March 2011

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Transcript of Aussie Pooch Mobile Presentation

7 Ps Presented by:
Lisa O'Brien
Sara Molander &
Michael Cooper SW
OT Product Place Promotion Price Process Physical Evidence People Core
Supplementary Profit based Objectives
Covering Costs (Variable)
Costs Between $15 - $30. Service takes place at the customers house. Social Media & E-mail.
YouTube Advertisement.
Free Newsletter. Trailers in public.
Trade Shows.
Word of Mouth.
Car. Trailer. Staff. Dog. Aftermath. Dog Lovers. Staff. Customers. Professional Service. Brand. Focus. Social Media. Easy to Imitate.
Poor Website.
No Formal Ads. Expansion Opportunities.
Wash Other Pets.
Value-adding services.
Dogsitting/training. Low barriers to entry.
Growing list of competitors. STRENGTHS WEAKNESSES OPPORTUNITIES THREATS The Business Strategic
Outlook Demand Drivers Dog Ownership Areas.
Pyschographical. Competition Managing Demand Pricing Strategies.
Communication Efforts.
Promotional Offers.
Additional/Modified Services. Segmenting New Markets Pet Ownership.
Competition. Recruiting Franchisees
Customers Recommendations Market Potential.
Feasability/Market Research.
Demand Drivers.
Cost Considerations.
Expand Current Offerings.
Flower of Service Website. Brochure.
Staff. Phone
Call. Appointment Time. Greeting.
Free Advice. Pick-up and Return.
Pet Care.
Cleaning Driveway.
Extra Services.
Cash Payment. Receipt.
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