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CLAT - 120 Minutes

This describes the process of writing the Common Law Admission Test (120 minutes long); one of the toughest and most competitive entrance exam ever.

Parag Mohanty

on 2 June 2012

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Transcript of CLAT - 120 Minutes

1. English Comprehension Passages you have never seen before and words you have never heard of before. Salubrious Salacious Do they mean the same? What's lascivious then? What is the author getting at? What was the tone of the passage? And what does he exactly mean when he says "Human beings are stalkers of meaning". 40 questions
40 marks
just 20 minutes Mathematics or Problem Solving If 30 people build a bridge in 20 days working 10 hours a day, how many days would it take 1 person to build the bridge if he works for 15 hours a day? What is (7 + 63/7 * 9) * 8 - 5 20 of these for 20 marks in 10 minutes For some of you Christmas has come early And some of you are wishing for a thinking calculator Current Affairs What does 'Hibakusha' mean? It's not the latest super-bike in the market. 50 questions, 50 marks in 10 minutes. You could either ace it
or come out feeling like... Rip Van Winkle Legal Reasoning Working with hypothetical principles and hypothetical facts.
Defying pre-conceived opinions and notions.
Judging rather than arguing 45 questions for 45 marks in 35 minutes And the catch is you must get all or most of them right. Logical Reasoning Dopey, Happy, Doc, Bashful, Sleepy, Sneezy and Grumpy have to sit around a table but...
Happy is too happy to sit with Grumpy.
Doc prefers not to sit next to Dopey
Sneezy always sits between Bashful and Sleepy.
Sleepy is too sleepy and might as well sit next to dopey.
If Dopey sits next to Sleepy and Happy sits next to Bashful then who sits between Doc and Dopey? You should not write CLAT because:
It's too difficult.
Only 1 out of 50 people writing make it.
Lawyers are useless and CLAT is a waste of time.
Which of the three reasons is a strong argument for not writing CLAT
Or are they all weak? 45 questions, 45 marks and 35 minutes English - 20 mins
Maths - 10 mins
General Knowledge - 10 mins
Legal Reasoning - 35 mins
Logical Reasoning - 35 mins
Total - 110 mins 84 days to go 120 minutes
200 questions
200 marks
more than 20,000 students
400 seats Sometimes you have to
look at the bigger picture Read between the lines The catch is you
have to get all of them right. http://clatraining2011.blogspot.com http://clatraining2011.blogspot.com
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