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FHS Gap Analysis

An overview of attitudes towards Information Technology and its role in the classroom. The study covered competence and confidence in using ICT.

karran williamson

on 15 June 2012

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Transcript of FHS Gap Analysis

FHS Gap Analysis
So what did we find?
We surveyed your attitudes towards ICT
Interested in developing ICT skills and knowledge

Feeling overwhelmed by developments in ICT

Convinced of the educational benefits of ICT

Confident that ICT can make my work easier

Sure of the usefulness of ICT in finding and managing information
We surveyed your confidence and competence in using ICT
How often do you use ICT at school?
How often do you use ICT at home?
How often do you use ICT to access and organise content for my lessons?
How often do you use ICT with students in the classroom?
Your confidence with particular ICT's in the classroom
So what does this mean?
by Karran Williamson
aka Karrans Voki
The Digital Education Revolution is upon us !
Today, for the first time in decades (generations of teachers), we are facing the challenge of changing our notions about teaching and learning to adapt to a rapidly changing world. We are struggling to rethink what it is to be educated, to reinvent the classroom, and redefine what it is to be a teacher and a student.
It's exciting
It's fast paced
It's terrifying !
Students attitudes and competence in using ICT
53% believe that the students are more engaged when using ICT in the classroom.
A staggerring 58 % believe that the students are only somewhat capable of using the laptops as a learning tool.
17 % believe ICT such as student laptops can inhibit the amount of time you have available to teach syllabus content.
So where to from here?
New Generation of Learners
New Information Landscape
Unpredictable future
" we are preparing our students for a future we cannot clearly describe "
Warlick 2010
Professional Learning is the Key!
Teachers should be role model learners
"Master Learners"
To stay relevant education must keep pace.
We need to take risks.
Do not be afraid !
Some of you said you learn better with self paced learning.
We will make access to modules in Moodle easy to find
provide time for you to work through these
We will also be providing training in faculty time.
If you need special one on one training.
Ask Doug!
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