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Final presentation for World Religions class, Sophomore year at Goucher.

Samantha Messina

on 5 December 2012

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Transcript of Raelism

Good natured
free love
eternal life through cloning and science
Bible is real
Science and cloning by Samantha Messina
and Mia Rizzi Raelism History Elohim Prophets Six Levels of the
Raelian Church Rael Beleifs Women In December 13th of 1973
Claude Vorilhom went to a volcano in France called "Puy de Lassolas"
Saw a UFO
an alien, Yahweh came out and told him the truth about human existence
Ancient Hebrew for "those who come from the sky"
Not God
Renamed Claude Rael.
Non aggressive, loving, peaceful
Highly intelligent
Believe that the Elohim communicated with certain historical figures
They relayed different information to the world but all fed to them by the Elohim
There has been 40 prophets Born Sept. 30th 1946 in France
Loved poetry, singing, and songwriting
5 successful albums
Race car driver
Wrote "Intelligent Design" and "The Book that Tells the Truth" and other books Level 6 - Guide of guides
Level 5 - Bishop guide
Level 4 - Priest
Level 3 - Assistant Priest
Level 2 - Organizer
Level 1 - Assistant organizer
Level 0 - Trainee Have a holiday in their honor
"Go Topless Day"
Women's sexuality is equal to men's sexuality
Two major women only groups
"Order of Angels
"Rael's Girls" Creation Story Elohim created all life forms on earth
Created humans in their image Embassy Raelian movement hopes to build an embassy to welcome Elohim upon their arrival
They only wish to come to earth if their presence is welcomed
they have yet to find a country to host the embassy but believe they will Biblical Explanations Yahwah explained some biblical stories from the Raelian perspective
Noahs Ark
Moses parting the red sea
Jesus' healing powers
The Virgin Mary Practices Baptisms
Marriage & Divorce
Sensual Meditation 1st Activity: Harmonization with Infinity
2nd Activity: Becoming Aware of Our Life
3rd Activity: Body Awareness
4th Activity: Meditation with Symbol of Infinity
5th Activity: Another Universe - Our Partner
6th Activity: Eroticism and Mutual Excitement Controversies Symbols Female Women should be able to express themselves sexually
People think that its just a publicity stunt
Rael was featured in "Playboy" with girls from female group "Rael's girls"
This was controversial because it seemed as though women were selling the religion by using their bodies Cloning Clonaid 25 Raelian bishops in world and
approximately 150 guides
in the U.S. Raelists No Longer DNA was tested
Not that they don't beleive, just not Rael
Offended easily but so easy to offend
"There are no cloned babies"
Jean Sendy Alternative Reproduction
Accelerate growth
Personality and Memory
Eternal life
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