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AMM 101 Fashion Careers Final: Fashion Journalism

Cal Poly Pomona

Linh Ung

on 18 December 2015

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Transcript of AMM 101 Fashion Careers Final: Fashion Journalism

Opportunity Advancements
Senior Editor
Permanent/Stable positions at top magazine firms such as: Vogue, Elle, Harpar's Bazaar, Nylon
Become your own freelance journalist and work in the comfort of your own home
Start as a journalist/blogger and eventually become a Fashion Designer (much like Vera Wang alongside many others)
Fashion Director
Work in television
Education/Skill Requirements
Additional Training & Testing
Start early with writing for college newspapers
Freelance/start up various social media - Blogspot, Tumblr, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Youtube
Gain work experience in the fashion industry
Interview other bloggers and journalists
Go over comments left by reviewers/readers and listen to what they have to say; give the audience what they want
It's all about trial and error. Eventually you'll find something that'll work!

Duties and Responsibilities
Research and report latest fashion trends
Articulate thoughts clearly through writing and publications
BYOP - Be your own photographer
Interview top designers, retailers, merchandisers, fashion directors, etc.
Meet deadlines
Travel abroad and discuss fashion around the world
Attend fashion shows
Linh Ung
AMM 101
Fashion Careers Final
Focus: Fashion Journalism

A degree is actually not required if you have a lot of experience in the fashion industry, retail, journalism, and communications
However, an associate's or bachelor's in fashion, English and/or journalism is generally recommended
Familiarity with various computer programs such as: Microsoft Office, Adobe Illustrator, and vast knowledge on social media outlets
Must be out-going and people-oriented
Extensive knowledge of fashion
Be creative!
Working Conditions
Home: If you are a freelance journalist or blogger, you can work in the comfort of your own home!
Not as many deadlines as you would have in the office but you need to be consistent to maintain readers/viewers
Offices are generally set in the heart of major fashion cities: LA, NY
It's not easy, you have to commit to working long hours and even weekends in order to meet deadlines
Lots of competition, always hold on to your work with dear life
Fun and rewarding career if successful
Keep goodies from photo shoots, interviews, and working with top companies
A little too fast-paced, lots of deadlines
Not forgiving in the sense that an article can either make or break you
Need $$ to purchase the right equipment and materials to blog about
Magazine firms
Other Printing firms
Fashion retailers looking for people to publish and market their company to the media
Professional Organizations
Top Fashion Magazine firms like Vogue
Independent fashion bloggers
Fashion Industry Association
Fashion Network Association
Youtube affiliated
Vogue, Instyle, Nylon, Harper's Bazaar, Glamour, Cosmopolitan, Elle, Time, the Guardian, etc.
Self-employed, freelancing
Prada, Versace, Dior, Valentino, etc.
Forever 21, Kate Spade, ASOS, Zara, etc.


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