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The Glass Castle

No description

D Villanueva

on 4 June 2013

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Transcript of The Glass Castle

JEANNETTE WALLS The Glass Castle Characters Exposition Rising Actions Falling Action Climax Resolution Jeannette Walls- Rex Walls- Rose Mary Walls- She is the protagonist, and is a very curious girl
with a wild imagination. She has red hair and is as pale as snow. Her teeth stick out of her mouth, is nearly six feet tall and is as skinny as a toothpick. She has a younger brother and an older sister, named Brian and Lori Walls. He is the antagonist, and the father of Jeannette. He is a very bright, fearless person. He has black hair and dark brown eyes. When sober, he is usually teaching his children geology and physics. His creativity has captured his childrens' imagination, and he has taught them how to embrace life. When he drank, he was very dishonest and destructive when it came to the littlest of things. He curses like a sailor and smokes on a daily basis. She is the antagonist, and the mother of Jeannette. She is a free spirit and loves to paint and read on her free time. She is the opposite of Rex Walls; she doesn't drink, curse, or smoke. She has red hair and rosy cheeks. She dislikes the idea of taking care of children. About the Author Theme Critic's Corner Starting as a little girl, Jeannette's earliest memory was getting burned. Her pink dress got caught in a fire while she was cooking hot dogs. She had to be rushed to the hospital, and she is considered very lucky to be alive. Rex and Rose Mary Walls, the mother and father of Jeannette, rush to aid her. Both of them hate the fact of being stuck in the hospital, so they bail Jeannette out by carrying her and running out. Brian and Lori Walls, the brother and sister of Jeannette, also help to bail Jeannette out the hospital. Setting: It first takes place in a California desert, and then they go to Battle Mountain. Next, their family moves to Phoenix, and then they move to a place called Welch. Finally, they all end up in New York City. One rising action included in this story is when they all
decide to move from California to Battle Mountain. They leave their old RV behind because Jeannette, Lori, and Brian were going to be taken in from the government because Rex has stolen many things. Another rising action in this story is when they all move to Welch, because Rex has lost his first, second, and third job in Phoenix. Having a job would support their family and would leave his family with food at least once a week. Since thier family is so poor, they all rarely have food and would be scavenging through garbage. In Welch, they all live with Rex's grandma and grandpa. Then, they all decide to move from Battle Mountain to Phoenix. In Battle Mountain, Jeannette, Lori, and Brian were supposed to go to court for shooting a boy, named Billy, with a gun. Billy's dad was a cop so he had an excuse to shoot at them. After Rex and Mary Walls confront the officers that it was for self defense, they all recieve a paper to go to court. At the middle of the night, they pack their bags and run away to Phoenix. The last rising action in this story is when they all arrive in New York City. They decided to move from Welch because Rex's grandma died, and Rex's
grandpa kept kicking out his grandchildren. They pack their bags, leaving their belongings behind, to never be seen in Welch again. Born in Arizona, April 21st, 1960, she grew up as a writer. Jeannette Walls is a writer and journalist, who created The Glass Castle, which is a memoir of her life. She started off working for a Brooklyn newspaper as a reporter. She has also written many columns for many magazines and newspaper including the New York magazine and USA Today. Her first book, Dish, was published in 2000. It was a humorous history of the role gossip has played in U.S. media and politics. Jeannette's second book, The Glass Castle, was nominated for the best-selling memoir in 2005. It has sold 2.5 million copies and has been translated into 22 different languages. Her last book, Half Broke Horses, was published in 2009 and was based on her grandmother's life, Lily Casey Smith. The story was based on Lily's point of view of the world. The major climax of The Glass Castle is when Lori, Jeannette,
and Brian go to New York, leaving their parents behind. Their
parents don't come along until later in the story. While
Jeannette and her siblings succeed in to finding a job and a
home to live in, Rex and Rosemary Walls decide to come.
They didn't end up as successful as kids, so they end up
homeless. They go through garbage, looking for resources.
Jeannette is embarrassed if her parents living in trash, so
she ignores them whenever her parents try to talk to her.
Along with Brian and Lori, they ignore them. Jeannette
has a job as a writer, Brian becomes a cop, and Lori worked
for designing calendars and game boards. Months later
after shunning, Jeannette decides that her parents should live
with them until they find a house. Rex and Rosemary then
find an abandon building and decide to move in their, careless
of how dirty, untidy, and broken down it is. Jeannette finally settles down with someone and gets married to a guy named Eric. She still continues her job as a writer, and they live in an apartment. A few years later, she decides divorce him because she seemed that he wasn't the guy for her. Then, she
meets another writer named John Taylor and gets married with him. John's daughter from his first marriage live with them as well. They both happily write together. Lori and Brian still continue their jobs. Lori regularly visits her parents while
Brian settles down and gets married. Brian and his wife and live in a house
together with their daughter, Veronica. Rex and Rosemary Walls still live in the old building, where
they share it with many stray cats. They constantly go to
their children's houses to talk. The Walls family come together
for a Thanksgiving reunion. It was their
first time seeing one another after Rex
Walls dies of a heart attack, at the age
of 59. They celebrate with everybody at
Brian's house. Rosemary now lives with
Lori, and Jeannette lives with her husband.
Rosemary still wears clothes from the
garbage, and picked out her gifts from
there as well. They all still continue their
jobs and now live like a normal family. I think the most important theme of the story is to forgive. Each character had to deal with many struggles and they dealt with that by forgiving each other. For example, Rex and Rosemary have neglected their children many times that they should've been punished, but then they realized that they can't live without them. Another major theme in this story is to have faith. The Wall's children struggle to maintain faith in their parents, like how Jeannette was beginning to doubt that her parents love her anymore. If I Could Make The Book Better.. If I could make the book better, I would
add one part to the story. I would add about
what they did during their roadtrips while
moving from place to place, since they've moved
a lot. They seemed to get to their destination
quickly, which I disliked. I think it would make
the book make more sense and it would tie into
the story. I gave this book 5 stars because it was set
very well and the story was very enjoyable.
Jeannette's life seemed like a wild adventure
and it left me wanting to read more of her
books. I had many favorite parts in the book
the ending tied the whole story together.
Jeannette has inspired people to never give
up, no matter how bad the situation is. If I
were to recommend this book to someone, I
would recommend it to anybody who likes
adventure. (Rex and Rosemary Walls on their wedding day) My Favorite Part My favorite part of this book is where Jeannette and Rex gaze up at the stars on Christmas eve. Since their family is so poor for Christmas, Rex decides to give each of his kids their own star
to own. This part made me realize
that all people have a good side.
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