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Responsible Digital Citizenship

No description

Missy Feller

on 12 November 2010

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Transcript of Responsible Digital Citizenship

Responsible Digital Citizenship Missy Feller eLearning Coach @ Bosse missy.feller@evsc.k12.in.us 9 What does it mean to be a responsible digital citizen ? adj: able to answer for one's conduct and obligations Merriam-Webster adj: characterized by electronic and especially computerized technology noun: an inhabitant of a city or town; especially : one entitled to the rights and privileges of a freeman cyberbullying 1 Digital Etiquette 2 Digital Communication & be clear in emails & text messages
think about the way your message might be misunderstood
avoid acronyms unless you're sure you'll be understood
use sarcasm sparingly
include a subject line in emails
think before you press send
once you send, you CANNOT get it back this goes for pictures and videos too what about ? if you say it online. don't it. say it in person... wouldn't ...don't write don't it. forward delete ...don't it. believe and if others
say mean things
about you... and tell an adult
or someone you trust. what about cyberbullying 3 Digital Literacy 4 what programs do you know how to use on the netbooks?
what websites could help you learn?
are you willing to share your knowledge with others? how can I effectively search online?
how do I know what sites I can trust? do I have internet access @ home?
do I have transportation to a public wifi spot?
do I know how to download what I need so I can work offline at home? 9 Themes of Digital Citizenship <http://www.digitalcitizenship.net/Nine_Elements.html> Digital Etiquette 1 Digital Communication 2 3 Digital Literacy 4 Digital Access 5 Digital Commerce 6 Digital Law 7 8 Digital Health &
Wellness 9 Digital Security Digital Rights &
Responsibilities It's about my decisions about & buying how I treat myself and others online how I express clearly knowing about the available tools & how best to use them access understanding is different for everyone & law consequences knowing the selling online if I break staying safe & maintaining security for my family & friends respecting freedoms & accountable maintaining my health & & my opinions ideas emotions to better myself & others ! decisions responsible it my and others' freedoms understanding how I am ergonomics understanding know what you want to find
use "quotes" AND, OR, +, - to limit your search
use the "advanced search" feature to specify file type
be patient -- your first search may not find what you need search tips eval tips authority -- who wrote it & what makes him an expert?
purpose or intended audience -- why was this written or posted?
currency -- when was it published?
objectivity -- is the info presented objective or biased?
support -- where's the proof?
desktop publishing digital storytelling text to speech base math draw calc impress writer web browsers LMS misconceptions about the internet common 1 if it's online, it's true 2 3 4 5 6 7 my personal info is always safe scams happen to other people [not me] the first search results are best I can always delete my post if it's online, it's free search engines will protect me if it sounds
too good to be true it probably is from viruses, worms, or other malware Digital Access & 5 Digital Commerce how can I make informed decisions about buying and selling online?
what do I have to pay for online? Digital Law & 6 Digital Rights & Responsibilities 7 8 Digital Security 9 & Digital Health
& Wellness don't spend too much time on the computer / internet
be active -- exercise -- get outside
avoid eye strain
sit comfortably & observe proper posture don't discuss your or anyone else's private business online
don't tag others in photos unless you have permission
respect people's privacy -- don't forward
protect yourself -- don't give out private info to strangers being internet on the safe keep private info private upload photos & videos with care passwords, telephone numbers, addresses, likes & dislikes once you upload [even if you delete] you can never take it back combination of letters (capital & lowercase) and numbers create strong passwords protect yourself during face-to-face contacts [if you must] do not go alone, meet in a public place & tell a parent beware of online predators they are savvy in instant-messaging, social networks, & chat rooms if anyone makes you feel uncomfortable, tell a parent or an adult you trust keep adults aware of your activity what is intellectual property?
if I own a piece of software, can I make a copy of it?
can I post pics of celebrities or sports stars on my website?
can I copy and share music on the Internet? if someone posts digital pictures online, can I use them on my website?
can I copy and share videos? can an idea be protected under copyright law? does everyone have the same digital rights and responsibilities?
do I still have the right to privacy online?
do I have the freedom of speech online?
what are the conditions of these rights? EVSC acceptable
use policy some bad material exists online illegal defamatory inaccurate sexually explicit otherwise potentially offensive the internet is a tool for life-long learning parents & guardians are responsible for conveying standards to students be polite
use suitable language
email not always private
do not disrupt the network
no downloading private files
use caution when uploading or downloading

rules pornographic materials
stalking / harassing others
violation of local, state, or federal laws
vandalization / hacking / virus creation
accessing files of others
copyrighted materials
purchasing goods
prohibited uses intellectual property = copyright any work creative protects ideas in
form ? making You are staying after school for an activity. You cannot make a phone call.
You need to tell: your teacher
your mom
your friend what do you do? You plan to spend the weekend at your dad's house, but he does not have access to the internet. You know you'll have homework on Angel and Apex. You found a website with free downloads of your favorite band, but you have to agree to fileshare. what do you do? An especially hostile blogger posted harsh comments about someone you respect. what do you do? what do you do? what do you do? One of your ex-friends is posting negative comments about you on his social networking site. One of your best online friends wants to meet in person for the first time. what do you do?
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